Weleda Millet Shampoo


Weleda Millet shampoo

Weleda as have written about before is a fabulous company which creates 100% natural health and beauty products. They have recently created a new range of shampoos based on different cereals.

Weleda don’t make their packaging fancy, it is rather utilitarian compared to some but what you get inside the package is what counts. The packaging is all recyclable too.

The shampoo range from Weleda

The first shampoo I tried was the Millet shampoo which smells really nice, sort of fresh and lightly of herbs. It isn’t sweet at all but does make my hair smell nice. It is a clear honey coloured gel like consistency.

It lathers quite well but I do find if I have used any oils or other products in my hair that I need to use quite a lot to get the lather. Sometimes I also give it a second wash.

The millet shampoo comes in a bottle with a lime green label, it is suitable for all hair types and vegan friendly too.

Millet nourishing shampoo for normal hair contains organic macadamia nut oil and extracts of organic millet husks and sage to provide gentle cleansing to nourish and maintain the hair’s natural suppleness.

Millet credit to wikipedia

The Millet based shampoo has been created specially for normal hair and has macadamia nut oil in it which gives the hair conditioning and natural suppleness. It also has sage in it which is the scent I can smell and that really gives a good clean and of course smells lovely too.

The shampoo is 100% natural and as I said vegan friendly. This means you need to use it fairly quickly as it isn’t full of preservatives

I find my hair feels light and fresh when I use this and the matching conditioner is oat based. They have only made one conditioner. to go with all this new range

This shampoo costs £8.95 for £190 ml which is strange amount, not sure why they didn’t make it 200 ml! It is pretty goo value for money considering it isn’t full of parabens and preservatives and it compares favourably with other natural based shampoos I think.



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