Weleda Birch cellulite oil



I have been very fortunate and have been able to enjoy quite a few Weleda products through beauty boxes and beauty sample sites as well as receiving some from Weleda themselves . Some I have gone on to buy while others I have enjoyed trialing but as yet have not bought the full sized product.


Sadly my legs are succumbing to the fact I am not only sixty years old but my thighs have never been that slender. I have noticed cellulite becoming more obvious.

I keep on making myself promises to get back to doing my exercises but somehow the day gets away with me once again.

This oil from Weleda is designed to target this ugly look on legs and arms too.

This oil promises smooth firmer skin after a month of use. I have had a couple of small sample bottles so sadly I haven’t been able to use it for a month. The samples last just a few days on my thighs only.

It smells lovely and natural, slightly citrus and fresh and does feel warm when massaged into my skin. It doesn’t exactly tingle but it feels warm and glowing with a slight tingle. Hard to describe but you are aware you have applied it but not unpleasantly so.

A full sized bottle looks like it holds about 100 ml and costs around £13.50 so it isn’t the cheapest product but compared to other cellulite treatments it compares very favorably in price.

These are not magic potions sadly. You have to do the exercises as well and a good massage when you apply the oil .

I can’t honestly say I noticed any difference in my thighs but my small samples came about three months apart so it was not even two in a row to give a longer use.

Weleda say that you should massage this onto damp skin twice a day for a month then once a day after that to maintain your skin looking good.

The product claims to Improves skin tone and appearance, firm and subtle skin and stimulates regulation processes.


This mini 10 ml bottle costs £2,95 and the full sized 100 ml bottle is a whopping £19.95 so I will have to save up for that one. It is comparable with other high end cellulite reduction products so I guess not too shocking a price.

I would buy this again in the full size as I do feel it felt like it was doing something and I would like to give it a proper chance to prove itself.


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  1. Don’t know about cellulite treatments, but I love the scent and slight warming effect of birch oil. I’ve used it in a muscle rub ointment I made that includes over a half-dozen other herbs. I bought a 16-oz bottle of it a long time ago and still have about 8 oz. Unfortunately the price of essential oils is now prohibitive, but birch oil is special and I’ll find a way to keep buying it.

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