Reducing my stash of beauty products




These are all my empties

I have far too many beauty and pampering products and it seems that my stash grows more quickly than I can use things .

You would think that I would then be sensible and not buy more but sadly that is not the case.

Today I Am throwing out my mini pack of three Manuka Doctor samples as they are finished. They were nice but expensive in my view. This sample pack should have cost about £5 but mine was free. There were just three sachet inside . Not sure I will be buying more of their products unless they are reduced.

Manuka Doctor 3 sachet samples

The skin treatment serum smells lovely and did feel good on my skin so that was a good one. The targeted wrinkle filler was less exciting and was just okay in my view. The rejuvenating face mask was lovely. One of those creamy ones that you could wear around the house and it didn’t look like you had a face mask on. It felt lovely but I have an Elemis one similar so won’t be buying it for a while.

The Time Delay eye cream is from Boots and sometimes I have bought it for as little as £5 so great value and one I have bought a few times. It is a creamy yellow colour, very gentle and really does feel nice on my eyes. A great value item in my opinion.

Next in the photos is my Beyond Organics face oil which is lovely stuff. I am sad that is finished . I have written a longer post about this and I really rate the company very highly.

The Green and Spring bath gel is lovely natural smelling stuff and again I am sad to see that go. This is another British company with great ethics. I have written a longer post on this too.

The Nip & Fab Upper arm fix was okay but did nothing to tighten my skin I felt. Hence the diet now as I have seen what my arms look like in sleeveless tops. I was disappointed in that this didn’t feel like it was tightening at all. There was no warming sensation or tingling. In fact it felt like any other body lotion to me. Won’t be buying that again.

The Frizz ease emergency treatment was a nice smelling spray conditioner that I did like and used a lot when on holiday. It gave my hair a nice scent and also made it feel nice and look a bit shinier too. I would buy that again. A lovely gentle , nice smelling leave in conditioner that is not a bad price. Not too thrilled with the company ethics though.


So six items out today which will please my husband!

Opening some new ones now to use and the stash is coming down just a little.


I have another pile just finished so i will do another empties post soon!


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