L’Occitane Milk Concentrate


L’Occitane Milk Concentrate

A friend I met through several reviewing sites was coming my way so we arranged to meet in real life for the first time after many years of reading each other’s travels and so on.

I write a number of beauty product reviews so she very generously arrived with a bag of goodies for me.

This L’Occitane Milk Concentrate was one of the sachets in the bag.

L’Occitane is a French company that makes luxury beauty products and so I was very happy to have the chance of trying this without spending any money.

The product is a thick white cream which is not surprising given its name.

I have been quite surprised at how many not very natural sounding ingredients are in both L’Occitane and Caudalie products considering they are such high end products.

I have also recently discovered that some companies that claim to be against animal testing and produce natural products are in fact not quite so natural as they make out and also many are expanding into China. If they sell any beauty products in China they must be tested on animals. I don’t see how a company that less advertises that it does not test on animals can then do exactly that in another part of the world.

See this article from L’Occitane http://uk.loccitane.com/l’occitane’s-position-on-animal-testing,83,1,29599,259188.htm – in my opinion they could still work with the Chinese without allowing their products to be sold until they change their laws and not just go along with it selling their stuff and saying they are working with them to change. Not good enough L’Occitane – make a stand.

On their website they make a big deal about how natural their ingredients are but reading the list on the back of the packet many look far from natural to me. Interestingly if you look on the website there are no ingredients listed by individual products which I feel is wrong.

This has things like Methylchloroisothiazolinone which is a preservative and can be a skin irritant.There are other ingredients with similarly chemical sounding names that would take me too ong to copy and search as the writing is so small but if they wrote the names in common terms in brackets this would not be an issue. I feel companies that do this are trying to hide things and hope people will just read their natural and no animal testing claims on their website and look no further.The cream smells lovely like a creamy fruity floral gentle sort of scent.DSCF3081

It is a feminine smell but not so strong that it would stop you wearing your own perfume once it had soaked in.

It soaked in pretty quickly. I used it on my legs as I had just shaved them and I always put a a bit extra on them after a shave as I feel I have scraped off any dead skin along with the hair stubble.

My skin felt lovely and well nourished after applying this and it soaked in really quickly. The smell was lovely – – a happy sort of garden flowers aroma.

This is a lovely but unless I was given it or found it greatly reduced I am not sure I would pay the full price as they are other body creams that do the same jib more cheaply.

This is a luxury body cream and is not cheap so if I was going to buy it I would want more assurances that it was as natural as L’Occitane claim and that they were not selling to China until China changes its policy on animal testing.

I did enjoy my bit of pampering with it so thank you for the gift and despite my feelings about L’Occitane’s ethics it was a nice body cream


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