My May Birch Box explored


My Birchbox was a gift from my daughter for Christmas which I loved as I had gifts arriving for three months.


This was actually my second box so I will go back to April after this one. A bit backwards I know but never mind.


Firstly this was not just the usual pale brown coloured box. this was a beautiful flowery colourful box which was really exciting to unpack and start to use.



Lovely Birch Box

There were quite a few bigger or even full sized products in this box too which was great.

The first full sized product was the Imeeden tablets which were vitamin pills for beautiful skin. I must dig them out as I put them away when we went away for sometime. You need to take them on a full stomach and they don’t taste that great so a glass of water is needed to get it down.









I was pretty thrilled to find a smallish mascara from Benefit. I have bought this They’re real mascara before and like it so i was happy to have this even though it is a smaller size than you might buy in the shops. It will be handy for when we go away as any smaller items are always a bonus.





Next comes a pretty decent sized dry shampoo called ‘one More Day’ by Philip Kingsley. I don’t need dry shampoos as my hair is never greasy but I have tried this and because it smells so nice I have used it some days just to freshen my hair and make it smell nice.



Another pretty good sized sample was the Laura Mercier face polish. this is a lovely gentle yet effective face cleanser and exfoliator. I love this, not too gritty yet it has enough micro bits to actually feel like it is getting rid of the rubbish in the pores and dead skin.




This Aromatherapy bath and shower oil is fantastic but I wish this had been bigger. It smells divine and makes my skin feel lovely and I emerge smelling wonderful. A bigger sample would have been great.




Finally a gorgeous little box that opened like a piece of jewellery would be inside and i wasn’t sure what I would find inside, It was a small bottle of a deep red nail varnish from Soigne. It is a good strong colour and looked great on my toes last week. i am not sure that the posh packaging was entirely necessary though.











So there you are a great little box of exciting things for me to try out and share with all on my blog.



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