Neal’s Yard – Bee Lovely to your hands – Hand Cream


I am a member of a site called ‘beautyontrial’ and apart from writing reviews I also get to trial new products and on the site is a forum where we can let each other know about deals, freebies and bargains. I saw this freebie mentioned and was straight down to my local newsagent to pick up the Marie Clare magazine with this freebie . The magazine costs £3.80 but I did get this freebie full sized 50 ml tube of Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream with it.

Personally the only time I ever buy magazines is when they offer a freebie that I fancy. I then decide if the price of the magazine is an amount I would pay for the freebie and then give away the magazine and keep the freebie. I find magazines a total waste of time and money as they never have anything of any interest to me.

I have not ever bought anything from Neal’s Yard before as they are usually so expensive. This small tube of hand cream retails for £10 so not an everyday purchase in my house.

This specific hand cream has been created to try and raise awareness of the bee situation in the UK. Bees are becoming endangered as their habitats and flowers providing pollen are being reduced because of various modern day changes such as the use of pesticides, different plants being grown, fewer bee- attractive flowers in gardens and fewer wild flowers and so on.
Apparently if you do actually buy the hand cream from Neal’s Yard you are also given a l packet of wild flower seeds. This encouraging people to plant wild flowers as well as the fact that they donate a % of each sale of this hand cream to Buglife, Pesticide Action Network UK and Landlife. All of these work together with Neal’s Yard to raise awareness of the problems bees are having and to help protect bees in the UK.

The handcream comes in an upside down tube with the lid on the base so that the product comes out easily. The lid is screwed on and off so that none leaks out between uses. The tube is plastic and recyclable through your usual plastic recycling scheme. The tube is a lovely bright yellowy orange colour with black line drawings of bees and hexagonal bees wax designs all over so it kind of looks a bit like a sunny bee hive.

Inside the tube is a lovely rich hand cream full of certified organic ingredients. It is a lot thicker than many hand creams I have tried. I find that the hole the cream comes out of a quite large and I easily get enough from a very small squeeze of the tube. I di find that you need very little of this cream to do the job as it is so rich.
Not only is the cream full of natural rich good ingredients to moisturize your hands but it also smells lovely. The smell is a hint of orange which comes from orange essential oils and this mixes beautifully with the honey scent from the natural honey added.

When I apply this to my hands it feels soft and has a slightly greasy feel but after some massage it does go into my skin and leave my hands feeling lovely and soft. My skin looks better and less crinkly and dry after application. I have been decorating and painting recently and my hands have suffered a bit so this is something I have been applying nightly once I have cleaned myself up.
I do like the smell of this as it is subtle and although you can smell the orange oil it is natural and delicate and together with the natural sweet honey smell it is one that could be used by men without them feeling it was feminine although I am reluctant to share mine.

I do have eczema and strange rashes so I have to be a bit careful what I use on my skin. Because this is full of natural ingredients with no nasty preservatives this has caused me no problems. In fact it has really helped my hands while I have been using the paint and cleaning stuff. I have also had a strange rash in my hands on the back and since applying this, the strange rash seems to have improved.

My husband really suffers from cracked skin especially in the winter and also when he has been decorating and by allowing him to share my special hand cream we have managed to avoid this happening when doing this latest decorating so another vote of confidence comes from my husband.

I can’t find anything negative to say about this lovely hand cream except I wish it was cheaper. Even at the price of £3.80 for the magazine it isn’t a cheap hand cream. However at its real price of a tenner it is very expensive. I think I have talked myself into buying another magazine to get a second tube if I can find one.
I use this daily at the present time and usually at night. In between times I still use my Lush ones, the Melvita rose one, the S&G Handfood and others as I have hand creams all around the house, one in the car and others in my hand bag.
The only thing I would mention is that this does have Brazil nut oil in it so if you have any nut allergy then it might be better to avoid this. I am really pleased to see that this has no parabens nor does it have any silicones, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colourings ; in fact it has lots of lovely organic natural ingredients which is just perfect as far as I am concerned.


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  1. Ah, you have me on this one…for my hands, it’s a very good creme, I would say excellent. I tried a bunch of hand cream’s and its hard to find the “perfect” one. This one goes into the final competition for a perfect cream reward. 😀

  2. Cruelty free beauty freebies are the reasons why I’ve bought my last two magazines. I love NYR but I do tend to wait until there are offers on as I’m on a limited budget. I’ve been so impressed with their Bee Lovely campaign.

    • I only buy magazines for the freebies!! I look for samples and freebies all the time. have you been on beautyontrial – I write on there and get something from them regularly – I am one of the top 10 reviews. Latest in beauty sells sample sizes to try and sometimes has good Lib collections – I always wait for free postage on there though!

      • Thank you so much for the tips Cat! I’ve signed up and my bloke has started volunteering at Barnado’s on Thursdays so I can jump on his Apple Mac and get reviewing – rather excited!

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