Dead sea Aromatherapy Bath salts with Frankincense oil and rose petals



I absolutely LOVE this stuff and this is now my third tub I have just sadly finished. I bought two at the same time after I finished my first tub as Boots made an error on the pricing on the shelf and so instead of the full price of £6.85 I paid about £3 a tub which was an absolute bargain in my view.

This comes in a clear plastic recyclable tub with a blue screw off plastic lid. You can see the bath salts through the tub as it is clear apart from the bits the label covers. When you first buy the tub there is a sealed cover over the contents that is tamper proof to keep them fresh and uncontaminated. Despite the cover being sealed once you open the screw top lid you can smell the frankincense and rose really strongly, it is a fantastically evocative Middle eastern aroma in my view.

You get a full 500 grams of product in the tub so quite a lot but it is still a luxury item at full price I feel. I think I get about 10 to 12 baths from my tub full so it works out at 50p to 70p a bath depending on how much I add to each bath. So it kind of equates to Lush bath stuff and is something you can treat yourself to from time to time but would not necessarily use every day.

This tub of bath salts has no nasty additives at all. It has Dead sea salts, frankincense and rose petals and that is it. Nothing nasty at all and full of wonderfully beneficial ingredients that smell wonderful.

The Dead Sea is well known for it wonderful mud and sea salts and has been a source of beneficial beauty and health improving natural products since the times of the bible. The minerals in the mud and salts help those with skin problems as well as those with various aches such as rheumatism. We met a number of people when we were staying at the Dead Sea in Jordan who came there every six months for various ailments and said it really helped them.

Frankincense is a calming oil and that combined with the Dead sea salts makes the bath a truly relaxing and also very sensuous and soothing bath.

The rose petals add their bit of aroma too and lift the frankincense making it a really lovely deep yet powerful and as I said before very evocative of the Middle east and North Africa sort of scent. The rose petals are bits of rose petals that do float around in the bath and do get left behind when the water is le out of the bath so I just give the bath a quick swill out to ensure they go down the plughole. Being rose petals they will bio degrade and not cause any plumbing blockage either and of course they are eco friendly too as is the rest of the stiff in this products.

This product is made in Israel by J Malki Products- Yarden and Israel is of course the other country that shares the Dead Sea with Jordan. They do make other Dead sea products and I have tried the soap they make when I had a really strange skin allergy and it did help a bit but didn’t smell great like this does.

Yes, a wholehearted yes. I love this product and even though it isn’t cheap the smell is so lovely and the benefits I feel after relaxing in my bath are worth the price in my view. I also sometimes just leave the tub open and the scent fills the bathroom . I do this prior to a house viewing and it really does make the room smell great. Obviously if you leave the tub open the scent will gradually get less but every now and then doesn’t hurt too much.

I have a £10 Boots voucher and I fully intend spending it on a new tub of this as I wouldn’t be without it in my bathroom now. It is a small luxury that I find essential when I feel stressed or want to have a really good night’s sleep. I also find it is great after a few hours in the garden or a long day walking as it eases my aches and pains as well as relaxing me and making me feel special.


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