Green Tea Marvel Gel – Ginvera


My Ginvera Samples

I received my first sample through one of my beauty reviewing sites. After that I was sent a voucher for £4 and so I ordered a second sample and one of their BB cream to try and wit my voucher they were both free too.
I had not heard of this company prior to getting my first sample but I like the idea of using green tea in beauty products so was looking forward to trying this when it arrived.

This company started in Singapore in1985 by Dr Tor Lam Huat. They promise that none of their products are tested on animals nor do any of them contain animal by products.

Green tea range

I love their Mission statement “ – To be a caring and innovative organization that brings youthfulness, beauty and health to the public. “
Even better is their Mission statement towards society: “
– To “gain from the society, contribute to the society”.
– To be supportive towards charitable and educational causes.
– To pay taxes gloriously.”

I especially liked the last statement! Shame a few other companies don’t follow that same mission statement.


Their have a number of ranges and this particular one is from the Green tea whitening range.
They have an amethyst range which’ stimulates cell-rejuvenation, anti-oxidation & promotion of micro blood circulation for a healthier and more luminous skin’.

The GINVERA NUTRI WHITE Skincare range is blended with ‘Biogel, Licorice Extract, Vitamins C and E to provide nourishment for the skin.’
The Nuteen Oil Control Skincare Series was created for teens and their skincare needs .

Finally there is the Natural fresh range which caters for different skin types and is made from fresh and natural ingredients in five varieties Apricot, Chamomile, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil and Vinegar,.

Green Tea extract is a strong anti-oxidant as those that drink it regularly already know and it helps to delay the skin’s ageing process and reduce the damage from sun’s rays.

Apart from green tea it also has Korean soybean which whitens the skin which is considered important in Asia. This soybean is fermented with ‘Bacillus Subtilis which will produce Cellplus+ which helps whiten and moisturise the skin.
The Ginseng increases skin cell renewal and also helping hydrate ,nourish and brighten dull skin. 

Pomelo( kind of like a large grapefruit) Extract is rich in Vitamin C and helps protect the skin from free radical damage and again helps whiten.
Pearl Power is once again whitening and also nourishing , it renews skin cells, corrects UV damage and leaves skin with ‘ a sheer, radiant glow on skin.’

Biogel in this helps the skin absorb nutrients into the skin cells

The idea of this is that you apply this cool clear pale green gel to your face skin when it is dry. I then left it for some time – depending on how long I had it was between five minutes and half an hour. When you apply it you rub it in with dry fingers gently in an upwards movement for about a minute and you can rinse it off then but as I said it depends on what I am doing when I apply it as to how long I leave it. Some skin rubbish comes to the surface as you massage the product into your skin After that I rinsed it off with warm water and used a face cloth.
Once rinsed off my skin felt clean and smooth and I think my pores looked cleaner and less obvious too.

After using this for a week or so I found my skin did seem to look brighter and it certainly felt nice to touch.
It is a kind of exfoliator but it has no scrubby grains in it so it is very gentleso fine for sensitive skins and also okay to use on acne prone skin as it will not aggravate it. It also has anti ageing benefits which is the appeal to me!

I can’t say I am wanting my skin whitened but the other benefits make this a great product to use. It isn’t cheap as it costs around £22 for a 60 ml tube. I felt quite pleased with my two 10 ml samples for which I paid nothing as that would have cost me around £7 to buy.
You can buy this and other Ginvera products on line and from Harvey Nichols and I believe Superdrug too now if you are near one of their shops. I think I would probably buy on line as you can pay by paypal and if you spend £50 or more postage is free!

I have been using mine about two weeks and I only use it once or twice a week and I think it is going to last me some time at this rate.
After using this and rinsing it off as described I then toned and moisturised my face as usual. I have been very happy with my experience so far and would buy this again.


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  1. I enjoyed the product review, as always, and found the company’s mission statement a wondrous thing. What an idea–paying taxes gloriously, contributing to society, and being supportive of causes. Wow! I think I’ll buy some of what they’re selling.

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