Lush – ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ Fresh cleanser


This is my favourite of Lush’s fresh cleansers and one I buy regularly. When I was lucky enough to attend a Lush event where we made our own fresh face mask and then we were treated to a free facial in the store I had the chance to try many other cleansers but this remains my firm favourite.

I usually choose Lush products for ancient dry and lined skin as I am getting to that stage and so when I was in Lush asking advice on which cleanser to buy over a year ago I was advised that this one would be best for me and I haven’t looked back.

This fresh cleanser is an oaty caramel colour and looks like either finely ground oatmeal or ground almonds which are not surprising as it is mainly ground almonds in the mix. This ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ is similar looking in texture to both ‘Herbalism’ and ‘ Dark Angels’ in texture. They all have that crumbly slightly sandy look while they are all very different colours and they are all soft feeling and slightly damp rather than dry and crumbly. ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ is designed for those of us with dry skin as a gentle exfoliator and cleanser as it contains lots of really great skin feeding ingredients.

This usually costs around £6 for a pot containing and the usual thing applies if you buy this in the black pot, if you wash it and return five of them you can choose a free fresh mask or hair mask which I think is a great incentive to encourage people not to just throw these pots away.

As I said this fresh cleanser is designed for those with normal or dry skin but can really be used by anyone as it is suitable for all skin types. This is Lush’s best selling cleanser globally and it is the number 1 product sold in Lush’s Japanese stores.

This cleanser like the other fresh facial cleansers is preservative free and is based on a medieval recipe and is full of quality natural ingredients. I love the smell of this too as the almond scent combines with the rose absolute and lavender and creates a lovely fresh but clean and unique scent. The new ‘Putty in my Hands’ hand cleanser has the same sort of smell and it is almost impossible to describe and possibly not to everyone’s taste but I love it.

My skin tends to be a bit sensitive and so I try not to treat it too harshly and this is just perfect. It exfoliates with gentle ground almonds which do not dry the skin as they are full of lovely natural almond oil which is so good for the skin.

Lavender and rose absolute essential oil are both great for the skin as they are healing and calming and also smell gorgeous too.

Glycerine helps to soften the skin to make it ready to absorb the gentle oils in the almonds as well as all the essential oils like lavender, rose absolute, chamomile blue oil and others. The rose absolute oil, lavender oil and chamomile blue oil also all help to calm any skin sensitivity or soreness. The kaolin helps gets rid of excess oil on the skin’s surface. These ingredients all help the facial skin balance so that if you have a combination skin this is perfect. It will enable the dry areas to absorb the beneficial oils and reduce the oil on the greasier areas.

Although this looks pretty ordinary and not in the least exciting it is one product that I buy regularly from Lush as it does such a great job. It is not a harsh scrub at all it is actually quite a gentle exfoliant but even so do not rub your face while using this, just gently massage this over the oily parts of your face.

This cleanser has an unusual but actually to me rather lovely smell. I do often just open the pot and have a sniff as it is amazingly fresh and appealing in a strange earthy yet floral sort of aroma.

The idea is that you take a small amount, just a bit bigger than a pea and put this in one hand. Add a little water and with a finger rub this into the palm of your hand until you have a softish paste . This wet soft paste is what you use to cleanse your face. I very gently, using just a little water rub this into my face in a circular and upward motion. You don’t need to rub hard just really gently massage your face with this and then rinse it off with warm, not hot water.

Once you have cleaned all the ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ off your face you then pat your face dry. Once dry you need to finish the cleaning process off by applying a gentle toner so that you close the pores and stop any dirt getting in. You can then apply whatever moisturiser you think your face needs; finishing off with makeup if you want to apply some.

I find this does an excellent job of gently cleansing and exfoliating my entire face leaving it feeling soft and really lovely. I use this at least three times a week and have done for some years now and I have never had any problems at all with any sensitive skin.

Would I buy this again? Well yes and I have often. It is one of my Lush regular purchases as it does such a wonderful job of gently exfoliating and cleansing my face without leaving it dry at all. A pot of this lasts me about three months as I use it at least three times a week and I do also use it on my neck too.
I think I will always buy ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ as it smells lovely and I find it suits my skin perfectly. I will use others every now and then to give my face a bit of a change but this is one I will return to and I hope Lush never stop making this one.

I think if you have not tried any of Lush’s fresh face cleansers then this is the one I would try first unless you suffer from very greasy skin or from large open pores then I might try the ‘Dark Angels’ or ‘Herbalism’ instead. I suggest if you are intrigued by this then pop down to Lush as they have very knowledgeable staff who can advise on good skin care. Sometimes people with greasy and spot prone skin try so hard to almost dry out their skin with chemically based products and this often does more harm than good. Your skin needs some oil and what you need to do is help it balance its sebum/oil production. This one however works for all skin types and is especially good for those with dry skin or sensitive skin as it really does help balance my skin and I have not had any mini spot breakouts since using this and I did occasionally get them before.

On the pot Lush says this “ Evens out skin tone, reduces redness and improves the health and appearance of your skin giving a natural healthy glow.” I am very happy to use regularly as it does an excellent job, smells nice and leaves my face feeling lovely.

It is worth a try as it contains nothing nasty and might be the ‘magic’ cleanser you need. This is a good cleanser full of nice natural stuff with a lovely aroma that I certainly recommend trying.


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