Weleda – Oat replenishing Conditioner


Tube at the back is the conditioner from the other trial

I have been sent some samples by Weleda in return for writing my honest opinion of their products. One of the sample was a sachet of their new oat conditioner. I have tried this conditioner as part of another trial so feel I have had a good chance to see how it works on my hair.

Weleda was originally founded in Switzerland by Rudolph Steiner who was Austrian who had quite revolutionary ideas for the time as regards health solutions and education. Their products are packed in functional rather than luxurious looking packaging but that doesn’t bother me as it is the contents that matter to me. They only thing is that they don’t look posh and nice to give as a gift, they look as though they are from a health food shop.

I shall be reviewing their Oat Replenishing conditioner and my review is based on the sachet sample and the full sized tube from the other trial that I was sent . My hair is quite short so I was able to use this little sachet for two washes but those with longer hair may need a bit more. the full sized tube lasted quite a bit longer as I only used it every few washes.

Weleda promote this conditioner as being “ The power of oat for shiny soft hair.”

The full sized tube of this conditioner is 200 ml and on the Weleda website it costs £9.95 so it is not the cheapest conditioner you can buy but it is organic and full of great natural ingredients. For a natural organic product it compares favourably with out conditioners around using those ingredients. Weleda’s ingredients are in fact 100% natural, and that has been independently certified by the international standard NATRUE which sets the highest standards for naturalness in the world.

This conditioner is full of great ingredients to help feed your hair and keep it looking healthy and shiny. It has coconut oil and white mallow extract which Weleda promise ‘ will hydrates dry hair, mend damaged ends and leaves strands soft and manageable.’

This conditioner has been created to help dry or damaged hair but can be used for any hair type and with any Weleda shampoo,or other shampoos of course but Weleda ones they say give the best result.

My hair is dry , thick and course but not damaged but I do try and use a shampoo and conditioner for dry hair to keep it well nourished. I don’t need to wash my hair daily and could leave it a few days as it doesn’t get greasy but I like to wash it every second day so that I can restyle it as I hate it when my hair looks unkempt.

Although I feel I am lucky with having thick hair which is easy to style and I don’t use straighteners so there is no damage from those. However I do colour my hair and dry it with a hair dryer so I try to ensure I use a good conditioner to keep it healthy.

This conditioner is one of Weleda’s newer products and contains oats which everyone now knows is great for sensitive skin so would be good for those with sensitive scalps. Oats are gentle and rich in silicic acid as well as vitamins and proteins minerals supposedly good for hair. This new hair care range has won the Platinum Award 2013 for Best New Natural Range.

Not only has this conditioner got nourishing oats but it also has jojoba oil which is light and easily absorbed and this makes the hair feel silky and look shiny. Th white mallow calms and smooths making the hair feel soft . Finally the scent is created by mimosa, cedarwood oil and creamy sweet vanilla smelling tonka beans


Mimosa or Wattle

As I had a full sized tube and a sachet I feel my experience has been over quite some time and I have found it to be a great conditioner.

I found it felt very nourishing and creamy when applied to myclean damp hair and half the sachet was plenty for one use. I did use the oat shampoo from Weleda so as to get the most advantage from the conditioner.

If you buy the full sized product it comes in an upside down tube which I like as they are easy to get the product out. I had to cut my sachet and I just guessed when I squeezed out half a sachet when I used that.

The conditioner is quite thick but not gloopy and about the consistency of a thick body lotion yet seemed to feel very creamy and conditioning in my hair as it kind of melted into my damp hair. It was a sort of creamy colour too not olden like the shampoo in the same range.

I quite like the smell , it is kind of oaty but with a hint of something herby and slightly floral but very subtle.

The notes I have since discovered are “Mimosa are combined with the sweet-balmy scent of tonka beans to create a delicious fragrance, anchored by the aromatic scent of Cedar wood oil.” I have to say the scent was subtle and pleasant but certainly not overpowering and I would not have detected all those.

After washing and then conditioning with this my hair felt light and well fed. It was easy to comb through when wet and it felt silky yet not heavy and greasy. The smell didn’t really last in my hair once dry but my hair smelled clean and fresh.

I was impressed that my scalp did not itch and become eczematic as it can do at times around the back on my neckline . My hair dried nicely and was Easy to style. My hair felt light and clean and looks healthy too . I can’t say I noticed any shine but my hair being so curly rarely shines. If I ever use a straightener it shines but not unless.

jojoba nut

I liked the conditioner but didn’t find it did any better job that some of my other natural conditioners. It certainly beats some of the cheaper ones I have used which leave my hair feeling heavy and greasy though.

This is a really good quality conditioner that I would be more than happy to buy as it smells pleasant and does a good gentle job of conditioning my hair. It doesn’t harm the environment and the product has not been tested on animals not is anything Weleda make or use. Although I am happy to use this conditioner it comes at a price comparable with other natural products and is more expensive than those full of parabens and chemicals. So if natural, organic earth friendly products are something you appreciate then give this one a try.



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