Bodhi Palmarosa Verde Purifying Bath & Shower Therapy

Bodhi Palmarosa Verde Purifying Bath & Shower Therapy


Thank you so much Bodhi for this lovely luxurious bath gel. It reminds me of the smell of Morocco when I visited the rose fields there.

I have posted about Bodhi before so if you want to know more about the company and their ethics then please read me other posts.

All Bodhi products are not tested on animals, made from Organic ingredients, their ingredients are Community fairtrade and they use recycled materials in their packaging which is simple yet classy.

This shower gel comes in the same brown plastic recyclable bottle as their other shower gels. It is simple, understated yet quite posh looking. The labels are brightly coloured showing the different scents. This one is quite a bright lime green which is surprising as I would have chosen rose pink personally.

Some rose products are far too highly scented and not natural at all but this smells like putting you nose in a real fresh rose but with herb elements which gives it earthier deeper quality which I love. It reminds me of my rose scented geranium plant which I love.

A bodhi leaf

The gel is pretty thick and I find you only need a small amount. It doesn’t lather profusely but gives a good silky lather.

When I use it as a bubble bath I also find that a little does give me plenty of scent and quite a few bubbles which did surprise me as it is full of lathering ingredients.

I absolutely love how this smells and the fact that my skin still smells of this even after I am dry makes it even better. My skin feels nice and clean and sweet scented but not dried out at all.

I would highly recommend this and at present on their website they are half price so £16 instead of £32 so much better value for your money. It really is the most wonderfully natural rose scent with citrus notes as well and although it isn’t a cheap product it is all good organic stuff with no nasty preservatives or additives. So all in all a truly luxurious bath gel that smells absolutely lovely .


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