Lush Volcano foot mask


Volcano Foot Mask

I decided that after a morning of gardening I needed a bit of pampering so decided to give myself a pedicure. Much cheaper than in a salon but quite a lot messier too. I had already given my feet a good scrub with a foot scrub in the bath before my gardening efforts so decided to skip this part and go straight to the soak.

I climbed up in the attic to get my foot spa bath thing and then filled this with lovely warm water and popped in a small tablet that I had from Lush called ‘Token to the Forest Gods’ which was totally unimpressive but I will review that another day. The soak was lovely though and despite lacking in smell the tablet made the water lovely and soft.

After about ten minutes in the warm water I dried my feet, pushed back my cuticles, trimmed my nails and got rid of rough, dry skin. Then I got myself ready for my lovely foot mask.
I made sure I had two plastic bags ready before putting the mask on my feet. I opened the pot and sniffed. The smell was a lovely cinnamon fruity smell. To me it smelled a bit like some of the fruity cinnamon scented candles I have had.

This comes in the usual little black recyclable pots which if you wash and take back five of these then you can treat yourself to a free fresh face mask. It is a good idea to keep this firmly screwed shut as the contents do have a tendency to dry out a bit so be warned. The little black pot holds 125g and costs £5.5 which isn’t cheap but in my experience I have found I get at least 5 uses so in reality it works out at just over £1 a session which is a lot cheaper than a pedicure in a salon and you get a bit of a work out as you do the different things to your feet yourself.

On the front of the tub is the Lush logo with the white writing stating that this is ‘Volcano’. The itttlel sticker with the face on it tells you who made this actual product and also when you need to use the contents by as Lush products are made using natural ingredients so they don’t always have a long shelf life. Having said that I have found that they are really ‘Best Before’ dates as I have NEVER had a product go off on me and they usually retain their scent really well.

This mask looks a bit like pale clay based face mask but although it is quite thick it is easier to spread than clay would be. It feels slightly gritty in texture and smells wonderfully Christmassy, which is the cinnamon spicy smell that hits you as you open the pot. The mask is clay based as clay draws out deep down dirt and is often used in face masks too for this reason.

According to Lush this foot mask is designed “for those people whose feet emit toxic gasses” but despite the fact that my feet do not cause me this problem I do like the idea of using a mask on my feet as I enjoy a bit of pampering and my feet carry my around all day so I feel that they deserve their share of pamper treatment as much as the rest of my body bits. I find that the lovely cinnamon, lemony scent permeates into my feet making them feel lovely and soft and also gives them a really yummy smell too. So the clay helps draw dirt deep from within the skin whilst you are relaxing for a while. When you wash it off you are left with soft smooth skin which smelt of lemons and cinnamon. The mask also contains ripe tomatoes which are full of vitamins A and C and potassium but are also refreshing and great for deodorizing.

Well; make sure you have two plastic bags big enough for one foot to fit in each. I also have a towels and my foot spa sitting close by. I also have my laptop so that I have something to do while masking my feet.

Cover your feet top and bottom with the mask, not too thick, I have found it is not necessary to have it really thick. Once you have one foot masked up then pop a plastic bag over that foot and tie it around the ankle. Do the same with your other foot too.

Sit back and get on with your reviews or read a book, watch TV, peel the spuds or whatever you like for about ten minutes.

Once the relaxation is over then, one at a time remove the plastic bag, as you do this try and make sure the bits of mask in the bag so save lots of mess. I pop my feet into my foot bath and gently rub my feet which gives my feet a good scrub as the clay and grainy bits of pumice make an excellent scrub to finish off the mask effect on your feet.

Wrapped in plastic bags

I leave my feet in my foot bath for another few minutes enjoying the wonderful lemony cinnamon aroma before I take my feet one at a time out of the foot bath and dry them.

At this stage you can either go on to varnish your nails or do as I did give your feet a rub with a nice foot cream. I used to use Lush ‘Pied de Pepper’ as it too has a smell of cinnamon but sadly it is no more.

The main ingredients are clay or kaolin and pumice to get out the deep down dirt and also act as a scrub when removing the mask.

Fresh tomato which is a great natural deodoriser for the feet and also rich in vitamins A and B it so it is also good for the skin.
Fresh Papaya is one of nature’s wonder fruits is beneficial to the skin and helps the anti-aging process ( possibly not so vital for feet) and it also helps cleanse and moisturize the skin of your tootsies.

Potatoes, yes very strange and I certainly couldn’t detect that one but the humble spu is supposed to have similar properties to papaya so that potatoes are anti-aging and rich in vitamin C.
Lemon Oil which gives this mask its lovely fresh scent and also helps to clean the skin and is a natural bleach so lightens the skin too.

Cinnamon Leaf Oil which also gives the mask the lovely aroma which I find more obvious than the lemon myself and this is excellent at soothing aches and pains.

If you want to know more then head for the Lush website where they are all listed.
All Lush products are not tested on animals as Lush are against any products or ingredients within being tested on animals . Lush test their products on humans only, usually the people who create the products and work for Lush.

Feet all pampered

I love this one. It smells divine, fresh lemon and spicy cinnamon combining to give a really luscious blend that soothes, cleanses and softens the poor hard worked skin on your feet. As I dried my feet after their mask and rinse off my feet smelled lovely and felt really soft. I am always surprised after using this at how soft they are as a result of the mask treatment.

I don’t have calluses but I do sometimes have hard skin on my heels and ball of my feet and I find a quick grate, a soak in my foot bath followed by this mask makes my feet feel lovely and soft. Now it is about six hours after my latest treatment and my feet still feel lovely and cool. They still smell fresh and spicy and I am more than happy with this one, thank you Lush.


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  1. Hey ! As you use to like almost all our posts (thank you sooo much!), I’ve decided to open an English version for our blog. Go have a look at it ! (link in our site). About the volcano, i’ve bought it few days ago ! I’ll surely taste it this week-end ;D

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