Rescue Salve – Beyond Organics


This lovely company is one I have only recently discovered. I was listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon on radio 2 and Janey Lee Grace mentioned the name so I went straight away and looked them up.

They have sent me a number of trial sized products over the last few months and this is one of those. It has taken me some months to get around to writing this review on the product so I do apologise for my tardiness but here it is.


This is a small company based in lovely Cornwall and they make 100% organic beauty products. I love to support English companies and especially those that are creating ethical, earth people friendly products that have not been tested on animals.

Beyond Organics are proud to state that “… we have gone far beyond just making natural and organic skincare products. Our quest is, and always will be, to bring you the purest, kindest, most ethical and effective range possible.”
All of their products are 100% organic and Fair Trade. Not any of their products or ingredients are tested on animals. All products are suitable for Vegetarians. Their stuff is mad with a low Carbon Footprint and they use recycled and recyclable packaging.
My pot is a small 7ml size and that sells for £9.60. they also have a 30 ml size for £24.30 and finally 50ml for £36.50 which is the best value if you are going to be using a lot in a short time.
The pot is a small recyclable glass pot with a metal screw top lid. It keeps the contents cool and dark as the glass is a turquoise colour. It is easy to get all the product out and so there is no waste. When the small pot is empty you can either recycle it in the recycling system or do what I do and wash it out thoroughly and use it when you are travelling as it is a perfect size for a trip away.


This is a cream coloured thick cream., a bit like the colour of clotted cream and about the same consistency, maybe a little lighter in texture.
It smells a bit like gardens to me. It is kind of like grass combined with herbs and is really natural smelling. It reminds me of my herb plant Rue and chamomile in scent. This is not actually surprising when I look I find it is based on chamomile and calendula so the scent is exactly that. I could have saved myself the trouble of trying to describe it by just looking that up!
It feels light and not greasy at all when applied and is very calming on any irritated skin I have. I have a very strange rash on my neck that appears from time to time and I believe it is eczema and this had helped this and made it less red and itchy.
The cream has been created specifically by blending these healing ingredients in this soothing moisturiser because they are reputed to help with; eczema, psoriasis, spots, burns, bites and dermatitis and other skin problems.
When my granddaughter got bitten by something in the garden I applied some of this as ‘magic cream’ and it certainly seemed to calm her down and she didn’t complain about it itching after a while.
The cream is not only soothing and healing but it also anti fungal so helps with any fungal skin issues too although I have not had to test out how it works on any fungal skin problems.
The mix of herbs and extracts have been chosen as they work with the skin to sooth and heal and help the skin to regenerate cells.
Sea Butckthorn which is in the cream seems to be the new magic ingredient as I have some cream from Weleda with that ingredient. It is known to be an anti-oxidant and a plant with other benefits for the skin including healing burns and sores.

The fact that this cream has all the beneficial plant ingredienst makes it a perfect cream for aging skin and anyone with very dry skin.

I have used it on my neck with my eczema and also when granddaughter got stung but generally I have used it as an intense night cream as it really feels lovely and calming yet also feels like it is doing something to repair my skin.

When I apply it can feel a slight tightening and tingling and I feel that must be the goodness going into my skin and helping it to repair its tired old looking lines.
I have used it as a lip salve on my sore lips and it tingles and feeds them nicely healing them and making them feel soft again in just a day.
I do feel it has helped to make my skin look better although it is hard to tell as I have a number of creams and potions and my skin is never without some sort of pampering. I am trying to make up for all the years I was careless in Australia when I was young and carefree or too busy with young children to have time to pamper my skin.

Well yes I have been more than impressed with all the products i have had from Beyond organics. I love the fact that they are British and really rate their values and ethical approach to beauty products.
I have been more than happy with all the creams and potions I have tried and my skin has loved them. I have had no allergic reaction which can sometimes happen with even products made with 100% natural plant ingredients.
I would highly recommend this rescue salve as it is a kind of cure all. It works as a face cream and also for medical purposes for itches, burns and skin rashes etc.

I would like to thank Beyond Organics for sending me this trial size and allowing me to write my honest opinion of this product.



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  1. Psoriasis : key word for me as I suffer from it since I was a child. I have tried several products, I can say one thing, natural cosmetic work better than chemical medicine. O.k if it is a severe outbreak you have to use the doctors prescription but I found out all these years that natural cosmetics protect from an severe form on the long run.
    Many thanks for that post! xx

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