Dead Sea Magik Super Night Cream


Dead Sea Magik Super Night Cream


I was recently involved in trialing this product and so I got it at a vastly reduced price in return for me views on its efficiency.

I have seen it on sale in Debenhams and also in Holland & Barratt and I believe it was in the £10 range which seems pretty good value to me for a natural product with Certified Organic ingredients.

The product comes in a fairly utilitarian cardboard box and then a a plastic inner upside down tube , a bit like a tube of toothpaste. The packaging certainly won’t win any awards for beauty or creativity. It looks functional rather than exotic or fancy.

The Dead Sea products all come in similar packaging, white card with an image of water and sand at the bottom, it fits with the product but is neither eye catching nor does it shout ‘I am a classy product’.


I have found that sometimes the most basic looking product is actually an excellent one while tose with flags and whistles and fancy packaging can sometimes be disappointing.

As I said I didn’t buy this as I was involved in a trail. I had no idea what it cost before I went to write this review so judged it not knowing the price.

I read all the blurb on the packaging and found that it is a ‘Certified organic ‘ product. It has no parabens, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans so no animal products in it at all. It is also not tested on animals so all good so far.


The Dead Sea is on the border of Israel and Jordan. And is 392 metres below sea level, the lowest point on earth. The heat and lack of humidity means that the water in the Dead Sea evaporates really fast leaving a highly concentrated solution which gives the precious minerals used in these skincare products.

I have been to the Dead Sea and it is very weird as you cannot really swim. It is so salty that you can’t tread water , your legs keep coming up and force you to lie horizontal either on my tummy or back. You must not splash as if the water gets in your eyes it will sting like crazy.

The dead sea has always been known for its beneficial properties both beautifying and for health issues. Those with any skin problems come regularly for treatment as well as those with aches and pains.

The mineral rich mud and waters have a unique ability to attract and retain moisture. This means that products with these minerals provide extra hydration during the night this benefiting any dry skin issues.


The cream was squeezed out of the tube and was quite a thick white cream with not much of a scent at all. It didn’t smell unpleasant but the smell was not one I would have chosen as a body lotion for its scent.

When I applied it to my face it did feel slightly tingly and as though it was tightening and healing my skin. It didn’t sting or feel uncomfortable at all but just slightly tightening and I was aware that something was happening.

It didn’t feel at all greasy once applied , in fact it felt quite matt feeling if I touched my face. I really did feel like it was doing some sort of healing and repair to me face. I think the closest feeling is as though you have applied some kind of analgesic cream to your skin and it kind of numbs it.


Well sadly no, but I do feel like it did feed my skin and make it look a bit tighter and fresher.
I kept the tube and box for reviewing purposes and I have just popped some on my lips and it does really tingle and feel as though it is doing some kind of healing and repair work.

I also popped a bit on the back of one of my hands as I am typing and that hand does look less wrinkled and aged than the other which surprised me. It obviously does really feed in nutrients and help to hydrate the skin.


Yes I would say so. I had no allergy issues while using this and although it doesn’t smell gorgeous it is pleasant enough. It really did feel like it was doing something beneficial to my skin. My skin felt well nourished in the morning after I used this and I think my skin looks better these days than it ever has because of all my skin products I am using.

This is an eco friendly, paraben free, organic non animal tested vegan friendly effective and very reasonably priced night cream.


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  1. Ooh the sea and this cream both sound quite wonderful and unique. They say a womans hands give away her age and mine rather exagerate it! So I’ll be giving this a try on my hands and face (edpecially under my chin which always needs tightening). I’m very impressed that it’s vegan and cruelty free. I reckon this line will feature some of my new regular skin care products.

  2. I will look for this Dead Sea product. I liked how you described that it makes skin tingle – it sounds rejuvenating. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. Spring is definitely in the air!

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