Melvita Floral Bouquet Organic Eye Make-Up Remover


I was once again lucky enough to be chosen to trial this product on the beautyontrial website where I write reviews on beauty products.

Melvita Bouquet Floral Eye Make Up Remover

This product comes in a small plastic recyclable bottle with a screw off lid. The top of the bottle has a small hole in the top so only small amounts are dispensed at a time. The bottle holds 100ml and costs £14.50 if you were to buy it.

This is a French company that does not test on animals. They also use all organic ingredients, their ingredients are Fair trade and are obviously all natural. The product is suitable for all skin types and is very gentle to use.

Melvita state :
“Natural and Organic Cosmetics are certified by ECOCERT FRANCE according to ECOCERT’s Standards which are available on
99% of the total ingredients from natural origin and 37% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming.”

This make up remover is made with narcissus extract and moisturising rose floral water as well as skin-softening orange blossom and decongesting ( the pores) cornflower floral water.

I found this was particularly good at removing eye male up, even waterproof stuff. It has castor oil and a ‘protective prebiotic’ so that it not only removes make up but also helps to strengthen eyelashes as well as protecting the easily damaged skin around the eyes.

The product has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested so is safe to use on the yes. I love using this on my eyes as it does remove all make up without the need for any rubbing. It feels nice and cool when I apply it and my eyes have never stung or hurt after using this.

This is the consistency of water to the only way I have found to use it effectively is to pour a little on a cotton pad. The bottle has to be shaken so that the two parts of the product liquid mixes combining the oil with the water elements.

I then lay the damp cotton pad on my eye one at a time. Once the dampness has soaked in I gently wipe the cotton pad over my eyes one at a time. This successfully removes all the make up with no scrubbing at all.

Once I have cleansed my eyes I then use the pad to wipe over the rest of my face. After this I usually cleanse my face with either my MuLondon face cleanser that is a foam wash or my Lush ‘Angels on bare skin’ or similar product to get the remaining muck from my face.

Once the cleansing has been accomplished, I then tone and moisturise with whatever moisturiser I am using at the time.

The Rose floral water is a lovely hydrating element while the orange blossom is both skin-softening and moisturising for dry skin. The cornflower floral water is great for cooling, soothing and decongesting which means that it helps to lesson puffy bags under the eyes.

The bottle is a slim neat bottle and as it is only 100ml you could pack this in your carry on luggage in the zip lock bag. The plastic bottle is an attractive corn flower blue with subtle floral picture in a lighter colour.
I don’t think the scent of this is very obvious at all, it is a mild scent both subtle and fresh. The liquid is colourless and looks and feels pretty much like water until you gently rub it between your fingers then the slight oiliness can be felt.

On the website where I trialed this a few people complained of an oily residue but I can’t say I found this either irritating or a negative as it was there to gently moisturise around the eyes.

I loved the fact that this felt so gentle and cool when I applied it and it didn’t dry out my eyes and around them at all.

I enjoy a face mask from time to time and always struggle to find something for my eye area. I do like Origins ‘No puffery’ and sometimes use cucumber slices but I thought I would try something different . I applied some of this Melvita product after I had had the bottle in the freezer for five minutes. I dripped a little on two cotton pads and then lay back and relaxed for five minutes.

Orange blssom

My eyes felt relaxed and cool and looked refreshed after doing this.

Natural and ethically produced, not tested on animals and mainly organic ingredients.
Gentle on the eye area.
Effective at removing even waterproof make up.
Pleasant subtle scent
Mixes easily
Recyclable container

It is expensive £14.50 for 100ml
You need to use a reasonable amount for each cleanse so not economical
Some people trialing it at the same time as I did found it stung their eyes. I did not have any problems with this though.

Would I buy again? I am not sure. I found it did a great job and I liked using it but it is an expensive product and you use quite a generous amount each time. I would have to see if I could find it cheaper!


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  2. Very interesting, it sounds wonderful especially for such a delicate area so has to be suitably gentle and is, yet the need to have to use quite a bit and price make it a difficult choice. An excellent, informative review as always though nonetheless!

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