My Home Manicure


My manicure products


For years I have been having my nails professionally gelished every six weeks. Somehow I have missed booking the appointments and so have been playing with my own manicures.


Last night I cleaned my nails of all polish and then gave then a coat of nail base and a further coat of strengthener.

I like this Sally Hansen product as it gives an smooth and matt coat which seems to give my polish a nice base.

Sally Hansen Fibreglass Liquid sealer


After the base coat I then chose my varnish. I went for a new one I had just bought. This is a subtly sparkly coral colour from China glaze.


I find this is such a great quality varnish that once I have applied my base coat I only need one coat of this colour.

China Glaze varnish


I bought a set of little stickers from the 99 p shop and chose two to add to my ring finger nail. that was easier said than  done with slightly tacky varnish on my nails.

Little stickers


Once I had the stickers added to the tacky nail varnish. I let them dry a littel before applying my very favourite top coat. This is one i found in Boots and I love the way iit goes on over evn slightly wet varnish. It gives a great shine and also seems to make the varnish last better as well as look great.

I also find it helps the varnish dry too.


Save the Nail top coat


Once the top coat is dry a bit I then apply the cuticle oil. I was told by my manicurist that the oil helps the varnish dry more quickly. It also helps keep the cuticles in good condition and soft so they are easier to push back.

Cutex Cuticle oil


I like this oil as it smells nice and feel good too.



My finished hands


Shiny and not too bad I felt



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  1. The colour of that nail polish is gorgeous! I’ve been buying these black nail transfers and fiddly colourful flowers that are so stiff they don’t bond to the nail unless it’s totaly flat. Why didn’t I think of going to the £ shop, great idea!

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