Beyond Organics Top to Toe



s288292317860961322_p2_i2_w160I received this lovely product from Beyond Orgnics in return for sharing my experiences. I have been a bit slow as somehow things in life got in the way so I hope they forgive me my tardiness.


This is an English company based in Cornwall. They might not be well known world wide but their products have received 19 prestigious awards in the last 6 years . Their products are hand made in Cornwall and are all certified organic They state on their website that ‘ all our organic creams, balms and oils contain over 190 natural biologically active compounds.’DSCF1331


I have had a total of five of their fabulous products to try and so far I have loved them all. I have used the Organic Firming Eye Cream 7ml costing £ 10.56 and the Organic Rejuvenating Serum 30ml at £ 30.76 both of which I have I have previously reviewed. This Top to Toe came with two other products which I will review at a later date. Thank you so much to Beyond Organics for allowing me to test and review these and I apolgise for the dealy.



This product comes in three sizes 30ml at £20.03, 7ml for £9.60 and finally 200ml which will set you back £50.15 so you would have to know you like it. I do like the fact that you can buy a small pot to try before you commit yourself to a big spend.

This product is an Organic Body Butter and was in fact the winner of the “Best all round Body Butter” in the Biteable Beauty awards.

According to Beyond Organics “There are very few anti-aging body butters – these seem to be restricted to facial products. We believe you body needs pampering as much as your face.”

This is an Alpine rose and vanilla body butter but it can be used in lots of ways so is very adaptable.
The special mix of organic ingredients has been created to protect the skin from photo ageing or protein oxidation. The cream/butter improves the skin’s resilience and protects ‘ the skin against damage induced by oxidative stress as well as reinforcing its defence against pathogens!’


Bear in mind I have the 7 ml size so I was not about to spread it over my body as I would not have got very far with 7 ml. So what did I use this for?

DSCF1330The product reminds me a lot of MuLondon’s White Chocolate heel and Elbow balm (also reviewed on here) . It smells very similar and is the same consistency. It looks like a good quality butter and is a similar consistency ans smells so like a yummy chocolate that I am almost tempted to eat it . It is concentrated and really feels great when you apply it to your skin. Even though it is highly concentrated it is not greasy as the contents are natural they are quickly absorbed and don’t sit like a layer on the skin like paraffin based products do.
I love the way this feels and when I have applied it to my neck area which has a tendency to become eczematic and develop a rash I have found this soothing and calming is also soothing and calming and it moisturises nicely without I have said this has multiple uses fand another great use I have found has been as a lip balm. I tend to use this at night as I keep the pot beside my bed. I apply a little to my lips and neck before bed. It feels lovely on my lips and the chocolate smell is great as I can smell it as I lie reading in bed. My lips are still crack and sore free and have been all winter using this nightly and my Korres one in the day as that is in my handbag..

Another handy use for this is as a make up remover. A bit like Lush’s Ultra bland. You apply this after warming it slightly between your fingers then with a warm cloth gently remove all signs of any make up including your eye make up. Initially I was skeptical about using something like this as it seemed quite greasy but I have found it gentle and leaves my face both cleansed and moisturised too. I am quite sold on using a product like this for make up removing as it doesn’t dry out my skin and is very effective at removing make up especially. Beyond Organics do say that you might find brown specs in this balm as they use real vanilla pods when making it so don’t think that it is anything yukky in there.

DSCF1332This is fabulous as an elbow moisturiser and I have also used it on my face at night just to test it out on my cheeks which are quite dry and need lots of TLC. It melts so easily that it doesn’t drag when applied so I then tried a little around my eyes to help with my crow’s feet and it was gentle, didn’t irritate and has left them feeling well nouished in the morning after applying at night.

This is absolutely safe to use on any part of your body from your face to your feet if you feel they deserve a really luxurious treat.

There is a shortish list of ingredients which include sunflower seed oil olive oil, Macadamia nut seed oil shea butter, beeswax, Chamomile flower extract , Calendula flower extract , Vanilla fruit extract , Glycerin, Aqua, Alpine Rose extract, wheatgerm oil , Rosmary leaf extract, Lecithin, Vitamin E. all Certified organic ingredients.

I have put the list of ingredients to show they are all natural and organic. The list is not endles and full of chemical sounding stuff as you can see.

I would say yes. This is a lovely natural organic product. It is packaged nicely in a screw top pot which is easy to unscrew and seals the product in well. Being a natural product with no preservatives you need to keep an eye on the use by date and store the product somewhere cool and dark.DSCF1333

I keep mine in a drawer beside my bed. Which is col and dark and it smells and feels as good as new. I have been using this for around three months and I still have a tiddly bit left.

This is a product I would happily buy again and feel it is a reasonable price for what you get which is a pot full of natural white choc smelling moisturiser which can be used in so many ways. The uses are limited only by your budget and what you need to use such a lovely moisturising butter.


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