Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Ballotin Assortment Bath Gift Set

bomb cosmetics

Ballotine gift set


This was a present from my daughter for my recent birthday back in November and as all my children know how keen I am on Lush stuff and bath treats they went looking for something a bit different and as a result I received three different Bomb Cosmetics gift sets from three of my children, all chosen completely separately.

This lovely gift pack came in a small white cardboard box with a lovely silky brown ribbon tied around it with the company name in white all around it. The contents were six little bath melts inside of various different shapes and scents.

I was delighted to find that these beautiful and quite different bath products are all handmade. They are carefully mixed, then pressed, moulded, rolled and shaped by hand. Their products contain only natural cocoa butter and essential oils or the finest perfume oils.

No products are tested on animals and the company have a commitment to not damage the environment with any of their product ingredients.


The gift set

The products in the box smelled lovely as I opened them and they were just what you would like to receive as a gift. The individual contents each had they own special look and smell. For a couple of months until I used them I put them in my clothes’ drawer and they did make them smell really good.

All of these little bombs are made with moisturising cocoa butter and the creamer also have shea butter which is well known for its skin softening properties. They also all contain bicarbonate of Soda will acts to soften your bath water and make it feel really silky.

These are the items that were in this box:


Rose creamer

One “Rose Creamer” which weighed 30g .This was a smallish round ball covered in crushed pink rose petals. The actual creamer was scented with rose, geranium and lavender flower oils and then cocoa seed butter and shea fruit butter. All the butters and oils melted in the bath to make a creamy skin nourishing mixture with quite a delicate fragrance. The rose and geranium blossom aromas were fresh and flowery sweet and the scents did come through nicely.

One “Rosebud Buttercup ” which appears to have identical ingredients to the Rose creamer but without the shea butter and looks like a small cup cake with a rosebud sticking out of the top.


Rosebud Buttercup

Now both these smelled lovely when in the box and dry and they both melted in the bath to give a nice moisturising bath with a very gently smell. I was a bit disappointed in the fact that the aroma was not that strong in my bath and it certainly didn’t carry into our bedroom nor stay on my skin very long. The bath did leave me with lovely soft skin and the water felt nice too but the scent could have been stronger.

They both melted with a slight fizz in my bath water and as I said the scent was subtle and I wouldn’t say it filled my bathroom at all. The bath was left with a greasy film around the sides which I had to clean off before using the next day. So although my creamer was a very relaxing treat on the night it did leave me with a bath that needed attention before I could use it again. They also tell you to rinse the bath out after you have used these as the petals left may stain your bath.


Purple Mallow

The third item I enjoyed was the “Purple mallow” which was a similar size at 30g and was in the shape of a cake with a darker purple flower shape with a little real daisy flower in the top. This looked a bit like a purple cake with a smooth edge around the sides. This is a lavender oil scented melt with some geranium oil as well as the cocoa butter for moisturising your skin. I dropped my little purple mallow ‘cake’ in my bath and watched it fizz gently releasing the scents of lavender essential oils .Meanwhile the Bicarbonate of Soda softened the bath water and made it feel like silk around my warm wet body. This time there were no bits floating around but once again my bath was left with a greasy rim to clean after my bath which did somewhat spoil the relaxing effect of the bath . Once again the scent was subtle and didn’t linger after my bath.


Marigold Creamer

The fourth little temptation in my goody box was the “Marigold Creamer” which was another ball shaped item covered in golden marigold petals weighing 30g. I think this was my favourite one in the box. The scent was very similar to the others and included lavender essential oil and geranium flower oil as well as marigold flower. This being a creamer means that it has the shea butter to add extra moisture and also of course leaves that lovely, greasy ring around the bath. It is hard to describe the smell but maybe it was the marigold but this was much stronger smelling than the others but I did also get a bath full of yellow petals to rinse out as well as the greasy ring.


Pink Bath Gem

The ” Pink Bath Gem” was like a mini cup cake in a pale pink with a piped peak . This was a bit smaller and weighed only 20g. This little gem was scented with ylang ylang essential oil, cranberry seeds and lavender oil. It smelled subtle once again and melted quickly in my bath. It had a pleasant fruity scent but once again didn’t last beyond my bath. However the cranberry seeds did float around in the bath and I was surprised to see these as the bath gem looked to be just plain with no bits until it started to melt in my hot bath. The smell was lovely and the bath moisturising but once again I had the greasy ring problem around my bath as well as having to make sure the seeds were all flushed down when I emptied the bath in case they stained.

The final product in my box was the “Jade Bath Gem” which was another smaller item at 20g and strangely appears to have the same ingredients as the ‘Pink Gem’ including the cranberry seeds. It seemed to have the same strong fruity cranberry scent. I tried these at different times and was not aware that they were the same until I checked the ingredients. I simply wrote notes after my bath about the strength of scent and the bits in them. This was just as softening and moisturising as the other items and left the greasy ring and seeds to be washed out after my relaxing bath


Pink Bath gem – Jade is the same but jade

This was my second experience with this brand of toiletries and they not only look good but also contain only natural ingredients which has to be a positive vote for them. The smell of the products is lovely and they scented my drawers nicely before I used them. I was however a little underwhelmed by their fragrance in the bath. I am used to Lush stuff which has a good strong aroma in the bath and then the scent lingers to fill the entire room afterwards. This was not the case with these products, they were nice and gentle with a subtle smell which was only just detectable in the bath. I would say these make lovely gifts as they are so unusual and very well presented but I’m not sure I’d buy them myself unless they were on a special price as they are quite expensive for what you get.

On Amazon this box is £9.99 at the present time but it has been more previously. It is worth looking around as prices do vary quite a lot. The other box I received came from Past Times shop in the Westfield Centre in Derby and I believe it was more than on Amazon.


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  1. Goodness they really do look just like desserts. The creamers in particular appeal to me, the the colours/texture of the Rose and Geranium one are magnificent! Strange that the bath gems have the same ingredients – sounds like it could be a mistake on their descriptions.

  2. These look absolutely beautiful! I’d be tempted to just keep them ornamentally in a see through box. Shame the scent isn’t a little stronger but then, I do find some of the sweet Lush ones slightly over powering if I’m having a long bath.

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