Lush Sugar Scrub


Lush Sugar Scrub

This green scrub is one of Lush’s regular products that was always in store and available on line too.  This standard Sugar scrub is a green semi sphere and comes with no packaging at all if you buy it from the shop. I have never bought it through the website so not sure how it comes if you order it from there.

I buy this regularly from the shop because it is a product that I love and find it does a good job as well as smelling great. It is not the colour or its prettiness that attracted me to it as it is a rather dull green half sphere with no decorations at all.

For Lush aficionados this is the same size as half a big bath bomb and sells for £2.75 for 100g of this scrubby hal ball.u


“ Do you want to scrub up nicely?
A skin cocktail of sugar, grated ginger and fresh fennel to liven up tired skin and sort out any lumpy bumpy bits.

Use on hips, bums and areas where you want to wake up your circulation to exfoliate the surface and stimulate the tissues below..”



This scrub is scrubby because of the sugar in it. Obviously sugar dissolves in water so if you use the scrub whole you will be left with a handful of dissolving scented sugar which becomes useless after a while. I find that the best way is to dampen it then break off a small amount wet it until it become soft then scrub using this. If I need more I break a bit more off and repeat. I store what is left over in an old Lush pot or in a separate soap dish and it keeps reasonably for a week or so this way.


I love the smell of this one so despite the fact it looks pretty dull it actually does smell good . It is a lovely warming ginger mixed with the slight licorice fennel and a hint of lavender . My husband just told me he thinks it smells like Germaline which is sort of understandable sort of sweet herby aroma which I love. Lush say that the “The fennel oil in our Sugar Scrub is there because it is said to be a great diuretic, draining water and toxins from the tissues. We’ve also added lavender oil and fresh ginger to maximize the effects on clogged skin that needs a bit of extra help. .” So they not only smell great they also do a great and useful job in this scrub.




Well apart from sugar for its exfoliating qualities it has bicarbonate of soda for softening the water and giving a creamy feel while using it. It also has cream of tartar, apparently this combines with the bicarb they react and help to create an aerated texture because in water this releases carbon dioxide.

The scent comes from Fresh Fennel, Fennel oil, lavender Oil, Fresh Ginger Root all nice and natural and combining to give the fresh uplifting aroma in this.

Not so great we have Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamide DEA, Lauryl Betaine and I would suggest if you have concerns about any that you do your own research into these.

There are no colours in this product as it gets its deep green from chlorophyllin and studies have suggested that this may have protective, healing qualities and help to balance the skin so not only a great deep green colour but beneficial as well.
If this had been a product from anywhere else I would not necessarily comment of the preservatives etc but as Lush claim to be all natural I do think they should look into these questionable ingredients and the use in their products.

Having said this the product is of course not tested on animals not are any of the ingredients and it is Vegan friendly too.



This is a really good scrub . I find that I cannot use it whole as it is too scratchy. I do as I suggested earlier and break bits off when the scrub is damp and use these small amounts to scrub bits of me at a time. Sometimes I find I have to crush mine up a bit as some of the sugar crystals were rather too sharp and crispy. When I get my mix to the right consistency it does a great exfoliating job. It also has ginger which is stimulating and warming on the skin.

The fresh fennel and fennel oil are not only great smelling but they also do a great job of cleansing, toning and stimulating the skin. I find this is especially great on my thighs and pre applying a false tan too.

My skin always feels softer, smoother, more enlivened yet not at all tight and dry. When I get out and dry myself I feel really clean and toned as well as soft and certainly very scrubbed and stimulated


Yes this is my favourite scrub in the sugar range that does a good exfoliating job and smells fresh, uplifting and stimulating. This green scrub is one of my regular purchases from Lush. It is a bit boring looking it does really smell nice and sort of ‘green’ herby smelling which goes well with its colour. At Christmas they produce different ones such as the Sandy Santa, Snow Fairy but this one is available all year around and I think it takes some beating personally.





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  1. Your reviews are always so informative and well thought out! I remember using this one a while back but I think I liked their mud scrub better, can’t remember the name of it now!

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