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I was tagged by the lovely sophjadexo who  stumbled across this tag and thought it would be a really fun post to do! I think this could take me a while .I’m looking forward to hearing you guys thoughts on the questions too 🙂





Blush or Bronzer – I think this depends on the season. In Summer I use bronzer  and not just on my face. I use it on my neck and decoletage as well as my shoulders. In winter when I am paler I tend to add a small amount of blusher. I use Lush’s emotional brilliance which can be lip colour, eye shadow or a touch will smear to add blush on my cheek bones.





Lip  Gloss or Lip stick  – I hate sticky lip glosses so again I like Lush’s emotional brilliance range as it really gives a good lasting colour but is not quite as drying as Benetint stain. I then use a lip salve like Burt’s bees or similar to keep them moist.

Eye liner or Mascara- I struggle here as these are my main two make up essentials if I use nothing else. probably I would have to go with eye liner as that makes the most difference but I would prefer to lose something else please!

10094595 (1)


Foundation or Concealer- I would choose a foundation but a light one like a BB cream – I have been using L’Oreals one and do quite like that as it is light and moisturising rather than clogging.


Neutral or Colour eye shadow- I would say neutral colours and subtle is my look

Pressed or Loose eye shadows- Pressed of those two butIi like the liquid or cream ones best as they are easier to blend and stay put

Brushes or Sponges- Brushes i think as I love my big powder, bronzer brush and also my eye shadow ones. I don’t often use sponges as I find fingers work quite well..



OPI or China Glaze – I have tried both and they are both good. I tend to choose my nail varnishes by colour rather than brand. I usually have my nails gelished about every 6 weeks in French and that keeps them from breaking too much and they usually look neat too.

Long or Short – Shortish as if I let them get too long they break as they are very brittle

Acrylic or Natural – I would never have acrylic as i hate the long talon look. I do like gelish and shellac though as they last so well and don’t damage my natural nails.



Brights or Darks – It depends on the season and whether it is toes or fingers. i tend to go for darker more way out on my toes.




Perfume or Body splash – I love perfumes and eau de toilettes so long as they are ot too heavy. I also use body sprays in summer and when we are travelling to keep fresh

Picture 9906


Lotion or Body butter – Lotion mainly and as natural as I can find. Lush creams are just to die for as are the Bohdi lotions




Body wash or Soap – Body wash for sure . I love all the Lush shower gels and the Bohdi collection which smells fabulous. I have written blogs on those too.

Lush or Other bath company – Lushis a fabulous company and has great fun products. I love their ethics but wish they would take out the parabens from their stuff. I also love Bohdi, Beyond Organics and MuLondon they are all against Animal Testing and have ethical standpoints.



Jeans or Sweat pants – jeans every time

Long sleeve or Short – I like long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves,I like being warm.

Dresses or Skirts – I probably wear them both equally. I tend to wear trousers and jeans mainly though as they take me anywhere and are comfortable. My legs don’t get exposed until it is hot!!

Stripes or Plaid – Neither usually although I might have the occasional item. Most of my stuff is plain, flowered or patterned in some other way.


Flip flops or Sandals – Flip flops,  or crocs for around the house. they are ugly I know but so comfortable. I do wear sandals as well though


Scarves or Hats – Scarves. I have a huge collection and I only wear a hat to  keep the sun off or if it is VERY cold.

Studs or Dangly earrings – Any and all but I love dangly and ethnic ones

Necklaces or Bracelets – I used to wear my gold bangles all the time but they started to scratch the bath. I wear necklaces when going out but my neck can’t handle them for long and I often get an allergic rash which is annoying as I love them. 



Heels or Flats – I used to love heels but now i am older i look for comfort. I like heels that are about 1.5 inches 


Cowboy boots or Riding boots – Both . I do like ones with grippy soles for winter as I am terrified of slipping over 

Jacket or Hoodie – I hate hoodies. they look awful so jackets for me

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe – Neither or me

Abercombie or Hollister – Neither, again as I hate clothes that I pay for advertising the company

Saks 5th or Nordstrom – Too expensive for me


Curly or Straight – I have naturally curly hair, and straightening  does not suit me so it looks best natural when iyt has been well cut and it is quite short too.

Bun or Ponytail – Neither. My hair is short

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips – Neither. I have no use for either  of them

Hair spray or Gel – Hair spray I guess but serum more often 

Long or Short – Short – I used to have long haor when young but I think long hair on older people looks a bit odd

Light or Dark – Kind of dark blonde

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs – A broken thin fringe

Up or Down – Down as it is too short for up


Rain or Shine – Shine, I love the sun.


Summer or Winter – Summer and the hotter the better for me.

Fall or Spring – Spring as I love the new growth and spring bulbs

Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate. I just love chocolate anything from bath stuff to a nice bar to eat

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you liked my post! The people I’m tagging to do this post are:




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  1. I love posts like this – always great to get know bloggers and reviewers better! 🙂 Loved reading your answers and I have to say, the Lush’s emotional brilliance range is so tempting, I want to try some!

    I also like your answer for Abercombie or Hollister – totally agree with that sentiment.

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