Naked White Ginger Shower Gel


This is a product from the ‘Naked’ company who claim; “We are 97% natural, but 100% transparent. We are honest about everything we do- . No covering up here !” They claim that they have removed all parabens and SLS ( Sodium Laurel Sulphates) and petro chemicals from their products so it is possible , once again Lush take not please. Although they are in a majority of toiletries they are often the cause of skin allergies and are really not very nice so should be avoided if possible.

Ginger root

They also state that they don’t believe in testing “ our ingredients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy ( or Tigger). Where can I buy these products and how much are they? I bought this from our local Oxfam shop but they are sold in larger Boots stores. You can also buy on line from the Naked bodycare site too. The prices vary but they are not a lot more expensive that other chemically full toiletries. I believe this cost about £3.99 which is not bad for a natural product that is not bad for you or the environment. What do you get for your money? My product came in a plastic fully recyclable bottle with a push top lid. It holds 250ml of the Body Wash. The product itself is almost clear but slightly murky looking. It has not really got any colour it just looks like cloudy water I suppose. They do say the colour can vary as it is made of all natural stuff.

Ginger lily

Their blog also says “Awaken skin and enjoy an invigorating morning shower with our Wake Up Naked White Ginger Body Wash. White ginger flowers are known for their gorgeous fragrance and a generous heaping of ginger root gives you a zingy kick start to seize the day, leaving your skin clean and hydrated. “ What do I think? Well I have to say the scent was not amazing. It smells more like a sort of peppery powdery smell. I suppose it is the same sort of smell as you would get from pouring boiling water over ginger root and not at all floral. The product actually has a mixture of things to create the scent and this include, ginger oil, grapefruit peel oil, nutmeg oil and Hawaiian white ginger root extract.. All these are quite strongly scented and I would have thought there would have been a much stronger scent from the product. It is quite good at producing a mild lather and you need quite a good amount to get any lather. Is it zingy? Well no I can’t say I felt zinged at all. It is a nice product but not one I’d rush out to buy again . Sad because I do think their products are aiming in the right direct ion and I applaud their aims but I really would have thought that all those lovely natural oils would create a much stronger scent. On the plus side when I use this my skin feels well nurtured and not tight at all so it doesn’t irritate my skin not does it dry it at all but it also doesn’t leave me with a nicely scented body in my view so I have to find a nice scented body lotion to counter that. The smell reminds me a bit of the ‘Knackered Cow’ body wash I had and reviewed. It has the same sort of plastic back scent which is odd. On the back of the bottle it has a bit about how zingy you should fell having used this. How to use it which is pretty self evident really as it is a body wash although the way they put it is quite amusing “……. rinse off and try not to annoy others around you with your abundance of new energy as you with your abundance of new energy as you ‘seize the day’ “ Anyway I am a little disappointed with the scent of this but do applaud the comoany’s ethics and aims. I just wish they’d work out how to make their stuff smell more natural and less plastic like.


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  1. Sounds like an awesome product.

    If it’s possible – you could try putting a little unrefined sugar (sugar beet variety e.g molasses or muscovado might be better than cane, though not sure) in some of it and see if it helps the smell.

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