Spellbound gift box from Lush


Inside this beautifully wrapped gift box I found; A Pumpkin soap, Jingle Spells Bath Ballistic, Magic Bath Ballistic, The Witches’ Ball Bubble Bar and all packed in popcorn. As I opened my box the smell of Lush hit me – fresh citrus is followed by the herby notes and I can’t wait for my next bath. The box was wrapped in a dark purple and black paper with ribbon and a gift tag with spellbound on one side and To: and From: on the other. Inside the card it listed the four items in the box with a brief description of each.

Opening the box:
I love Lush and my children always get me a gift box for my Birthday in November and sometimes another for Christmas too if I’m lucky. I obviously don’t use all the products at once so I unpack my gift box and place the items in my various clothes drawers so that I get the benefit of the wonderful aroma in my knickers, T-shirts and other clothes prior to using them in the bath. The popcorn I threw out for the birds and despite the strong smell they loved it – ten minutes after I put it out there was nothing there at all.


The witches’ Bubble Bar:
I decided that my first treat would be the Witches’ Ball Bubble Bar. A dark purple colour and a softish ball shape with obvious bits of whole herbs quite visible from the outside. This was quite soft and crumbly and being a frugal sort of person I never use all of a Bubble bar in one bath – usually three baths from one bar or at the very least two. I got two from this one as it was very crumbly and not that big so it was difficult to divide. The blurb on the card said, “Turn your bath into a bubbling cauldron, scented with a magical blend of reviving herbs”. So I was very excited at the thought of being revived even if it was my bath just before bed and really I should have been after ‘relaxing’ rather than ‘reviving’ herbs, hopefully it would revive me sufficiently to cope with the next day’s stresses and strains.

Witches’ Ball

I crumbled my half bar into my bath as it was filling and the scent that was strongest was probably rosemary and clove – a sort of Christmassy spicy smell but quite fresh, not heavy, there was also an orangey smell and a hint of peppermint too. I was fascinated to see quite big bits of cranberry and full cloves floating in the bath along with other herby things like star anise. The bath was quite foamy (only half a bar used) and in I hopped.

The bath was so soft and creamy and the smell divine and I just laid back with my eyes shut and breathed deeply – looking for ‘revival’. I wouldn’t describe my bath as ‘a bubbling cauldron’ but it was very relaxing and quite luxurious I thought. I enjoyed the softness of the water and the exotic smells. My husband came in as I was getting out and said “What is all that muck floating about in the bath?” So it obviously didn’t look very luxurious and exotic to him.

The downside was that the big lumps of herb and cranberry didn’t just flow down the plughole – probably just as well as they may have caused a blockage. What happened was, the bath emptied and left the bottom of it covered in bits of herb and cranberry which I then had to scoop together and throw in the bin and then rinse the bath out. That is obviously why you needed the ‘reviving’ herbs, to give you the energy to clean the bath after you got out. Having said that, it wasn’t a great effort and I did have a thoroughly delightful bath. I didn’t notice that I felt ‘revived’ but maybe I wasn’t that exhausted prior to the bath.

On the Lush website there is a video describing this Bubble bar of you are interested:

Magic Bath Ballistic;
My next treat was the Magic Bath Ballistic. The blurb on the card says, “Two layers of magic spell to remove barriers in life. It fizzes into a reviving, fragrant bath as the secret centre reveals itself.” The Ballistic is a hexagonal 3D shape – hard to explain – quite geometric with straight sides and a blue/turquoise colour from the outside. There is a surprise red centre to the Ballistic which you see once it starts dissolving in the bath (or if you break it like I did)

Lush Magic

Once again frugality stepped in and I attempted to half the Bath Ballistic. This was harder than you imagine. One method I used was to put it in a plastic bag and drop it on the bathroom floor. This wasn’t entirely successful and some bits broke off from round the outside but it didn’t break in two which was what I was hoping. The bath was filling as I was trying to break my bomb so i dropped in the bits that had broken off and dropped the bomb again – when I thought about a third had come off I left the rest for another day. I repeated this process the second day and it did break in half. The ballistic fizzes in a most satisfying way and releases the aromas into the air and a bluish to purple as the red inside becomes mixed with the blue outside colour in the bath water.

All these Bath Ballistics contain sodium Bicarbonate which makes them fizz and makes the bath water really lovely and soft. This one smelled of citrus mixed with fresh herbs, Marjoram, Basil and Rose were obvious and a hint of peppermint too (reviving smell). Once again the smell was fresh and quite light and herby, not a heavy cloying smell. After my third bath I was left with a bit of parsley which was in the middle of the Ballistic but I have to say the parsley smell didn’t come through at all, it was predominantly fresh, light and citrus like – sort of Mediterranean.

Jingle Spells Bath Ballistic;
The last Bath treat in the box to be enjoyed was the Jingle Spells Ballistic “Refreshing, detoxifying yuletide herbal bath for the day after a Christmas party.” Well if I was going to have it after a Christmas party I would never use it so I just selected an evening when I wanted to luxuriate in a nice smelling bath and detoxify myself from the day’s cooking and cleaning in preparation for our family Christmas.

Jingle Spells

This Ballistic is a round purple coloured ball with a white round bit and lots of sparkly stars on the top. The sparkly bits are plastic like those you get stuck on cards or sprinkled on tables at weddings. Once again I put my Ballistic in a plastic bag and dropped it in order to break it up as my bath was filling up, this one was easier to break up and I put about a third in my bath and watched it fizzing away. The smells this time were again quite citrus like, which is not surprising as one ingredient is tangerine oil, the juniper oil wasn’t obvious to me but the Ylang Ylang was definitely there too which made this quite a sensuous aroma.

The bath was once again a clear blue colour with little sparkly stars floating in it after the fizzing had finished. The water was very soft because of the sodium bicarbonate and the smell quite exotic with the citrus and Ylang Ylang – like an evening in the Middle East!! Once again after the bath emptied I had the task of wiping mu hand over the bottom of the bath to gather all the sparkly stars up that didn’t go down the plughole then I had to rinse out the bath to finally de-sparkle it.

Pumpkin Soap:
This item I have used for all my other washing times that I haven’t had one of the other item from my ‘Spell Bound’ gift box in the bath. It is a half ball shape so nice and easy to wash with – no hard corners, but it does often slip out of my hands as it is so rounded. It looks like a smooth mound of pumpkin puree but smells of oranges. The blurb says “Spookily good soap with a citrus scent. (Much more use than a real pumpkin)”. I would debate that last statement as I love pumpkin in cooking and lovely though the soap is, it is not any use for eating and sustaining yourself food wise.

Lush Pumpkin Soap

The soap is very soft, the oils used are sunflower, coconut, and rapeseed and there is also glycerine along with the ingredients for smell which are citrus oils and cinnamon oil mainly. This is quite obvious as the soap is very orange smelling with a hint of cinnamon. It is a lovely creamy soap with a lasting fresh smell. I have been using it for about a month and there is only a little left but it still smells strongly as I use it.

I haven’t listed all the ingredients of every item because if you really want to know these then you can get them off the Lush website. This is my opinion and feelings about this product which is what I feel a review should be. I loved my present despite the bath needing cleaning after some of the products. They are very different from other bath additives in that they obviously do have real bits in them just as they used to make them in the ‘Good Old Days ‘. They are an experience and appeal to the senses of smell, sight and touch which is unusual for products for the bath. I hope that you have enjoyed this review and if you have not already been converted to Lush that you ,may be tempted to try something from their range.


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