Mu London Organic white chocolate truffle moisturiser – Face Moisturiser


MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser

A bit about MuLondon

This is a company that I have only discovered in the last year or so but in that short time I have become a loyal fan of the products. The company is a one man company started in 2008 by Boris Zatezic. Boris makes eco friendly products for the skin and he is based in London so that for me is another reason to support him as I do like home grown products.

Boris is proud of the fact that all his products are hand made using natural and organic ingredients. They are super concentrated with no added water and they are “100% vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced and packed in recycled and recyclable materials, including bio-degradable bubble-wrap.” They also contain no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrance. The scent comes only from natural essential oil, and herbal extracts which not only provide the scent but are also included for their healing, balancing and repairing qualities for skin.

The moisturisers all come in small glass posts that are clear with screw top lids. The product inside is packed almost to the top and my pot holds 30ml of moisturiser but you can buy a bigger version which is twice the size at60 ml. The 30 ml size is £9 and the bigger one is £15 so it is actually better value but I like the small pots as they last ages and I like all the scents so I vary mine.

The glass container can of course be recycled through the usual schemes as can the lid.

MuLondon Moisturisers
These moisturisers initially seem quite expensive but when you consider they are all organic natural ingredients and that they are ‘super concentrated’ with no added water nor have they been whipped to have lots of air in them. What you get is a really intensely concentrated moisturiser and I find the small pot lasts me ages. It is had to say exactly how long as I vary my products that I use and do not use one until it is finished. At the present time I have a small pot of every scent that Boris makes and I use them all in rotation depending on how I feel.

This product is just delicious smelling , almost good enough to eat. It smells chocolate like and creamy, a subtle milk chocolate sort of smell but not sweet and sickly at all and it is subtle when on your face.

This gorgeous smelling product has the benefits of shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise and certified organic Rosemary Antioxidant which helps to replenish and revive the skin.

Shea Butter is great for treating and helping with the symptoms of dry or sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. It is a natural moisturiser and easily absorbed .

Jojoba Oil helps with increasing skin’s elasticity and strengthening the epidermis.

Coconut Butter helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it helps keep connective tissues strong and supple. I think the cocoa butter gives a lot of the scent too in this case.

Most of the ingredients are certified organic and the product has a EWG SkinDeep database hazard rating of’ 0′ which is the best possible rating and means that nothing in there is hazardous to you or the environment.

Having used Boris’s concentrated moisturisers for some time I am now used to the fact that they are quite hard. This is the consistency of butter straight from the fridge and pretty solid. I have developed a technique where I I scrape some off with my nails so that I end up with a small chunk on the top of my nails, not under them. I then rub two fingers together with the product between them to melt it and then I use the fingers to apply this to my face.

It can feel quite greasy when you first apply this. I always spray my toner on first then apply this so it spreads easily over my face and neck. The greasiness soon goes as it sinks in quite quickly into my face. I find that this is a great for massaging my face as I apply it. I do a little at a time and gently massage the wrinkliest and most lined areas just as they do when I have a facial. I do this just before I get into bed and it really relaxes me and also feeds my skin with all the goodies so that they can do their magic overnight. This is a specially comforting scent for using at night with its chocolatey aroma

I don’t tend to use this as a day cream as I have others I find good for that and this tends to make my make up slip around a bit too much. I do however use it on my neck during the day though sometimes if If I am just staying at home then I just apply this and gently massage then add nothing else.
I have had NO unpleasant reaction from any of Boris’ creams and this has been just as good as all the others. It makes my skin feels nice and soft and the smell is just gorgeous.

It is important to keep this jar somewhere cool and dark as the sun damages the benefits of the contents. I keep mine in a drawer. There is a best before date on the label so make sure you use before the end date in order to get the most benefit from this as it has no preservatives in it.

This is the fifth of Boris’ moisturisers I have bought and I now have the full set and have replaced my original hemp one . I will buy this again as it is a great moisturiser and can also be used as a make up remover like you use Lush’s ‘Ultra bland’. You apply it then wipe it off with a warm cloth gently. This removes all make up but does not dry out your skin.

I love the smell of this, it is not overly sweet but does smell as though you could spoon it out and eat it.

I found it really easy to order from the site and if you are interested in trying this or any of their natural eco friendly Vegan hand made goodies then they take paypal and of course credit cards too. I paid through paypal and there is a £2.50 per order NOT item so it is best to group products together to get the best value from the P&P charge.
Yes this is a lovely delicious smelling choccy concentrated moisturiser with organic natural, vegan friendly quality ingredients.


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  1. Hello Sue! Thanks so much for such a thorough review of the Organic White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser. It’s fab to know it helps to relax you at night! ♥

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