Lush – Dragon’s Egg


A nest of Dragon’s Eggs

I spend a lot of my time perusing the Lush shop and the Lush website as well as checking to see what I can find on Ebay that might be a bit cheaper. This bath ballistic was one brought out a while back for Halloween in connection with books such as ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Twilight’ and a couple of others that I forget.

For some reason I have never actually got around to trying this until recently when I saw the staff demonstrating this to someone in the shop and was taken with the performance of this product as it really was quite unusual.


The Dragon’s egg in the bath

“Like an everlasting gobstopper, this ballistic keeps on revealing layer upon layer of surprises. It gives up its gifts in an unfolding drama, leaving you in a bath of molten gold. Along the way you will experience a firework display of colour, a fiery crackle of popping candy, a swirling landscape of creamy foam and a drift of paper dragon scales.”

My Egg


This looks like a white bath bomb a bit bigger than a tennis ball so one of the bigger bath bombs from Lush. If you look carefully at it there are flecks of colour in the white which look a bit like it has been mixed with some bits of confetti.
It smells lovely, a sort of citrus and floral mix and for a few weeks I had it in my clothes drawer as we were away for a few weeks and when I took it out my clothes smelled lovely and this still had a strong scent in its little yellow bag.

These bath bombs cost £3.20 each so not exactly a bargain bath so in mu usual way I broke mine up so that I could enjoy more than one bath from mine.

These bombs are vegan friendly and preservative free so well done here Lush.

In the bath

As I said I broke mine up so that I could enjoy more than one bath from my investment. It was fascinating to see inside as there were several layers and extra coloured bits as well. First was the white outside then a yellow orange layer with other coloured nits about the size of a pill. Finally inside was a cube of golden glittery bomb which was more solid than the rest and meant to be the last bit to fizz away.

In order to get the full experience despite breaking it up , I added a bit of each colour into my bath. With bath bombs I find it best to fill the bath first then add the bomb . With bubble bars I add them as the bath is filling so a different technique is required.

Cracking the Egg

By filling the bath first then adding the bath bomb you can get in with it and enjoy the bomb fizzing away around you releasing the scent all around you.

This fizzed and bubbled releasing a sort of foamy fizz of different colours and the little coloured bits I caught and squashed and they were sort of gooey but didn’t have much smell.

As I lay back in the bath I could really smell the gentle citrus smell combining with the heady floral jasmine. It was a fresh, uplifting and very pleasant scent.

The water as always with bath bombs felt soapy soft as the bicarbonate of soda makes water really soft. I love lying in the scented coloured soft silky water and just relaxing for about ten minutes. I can’t really lie much longer as I begin to get cold and have to add more hot water. I also begin to get bored, I love my bath but am not one for hour long sessions. After lying and relaxing for a while I then use a soap that goes with the scent and wash myself before getting out as this has no cleansing agent in it.

The water was a sort of very pale yellowish colour – think camomile tea -with a layer of glitter around the top and edge of the bath water but I didn’t find it was too overwhelming and most of it washed away down the plughole with no problem. I did have to swill the bath out to get rid of the last remaining glitter but that was not too much of a big deal

What I love about Lush bath stuff is that not only do you get a great bath but you also get a room freshener as well as the scent carries into the bathroom as as I leave the door open it carries into our bedroom as well.

On top of the bath and the room freshener I also get out and dry myself and feel mellow, smell great and my skin feels soft and not at all dry and parched. I didn’t find that I needed to use any moisturiser on my body after a bath with my dragon’s egg. I got into bed and could smell the lovely aroma on my skin for sometime afterwards too.


Sadly Lush still have not found a way of banishing the Sodium Laurel sulphate or the Laurel Betaine nor the Cocamide DEA  which are all questionably harmful ingredients. Considering how many other companies are ditching these ingredients I am surprised Lush is still hanging on to them.

Hatching in my hand

Well, yes despite the questionable ingredients this is a fun bath product and one children and adults would both enjoy It smells lovely and gently lemony and fizzes in a most exciting way lasting quite some time as you lie in the bath with the bits fizzing around you. I am not sure what the blue bits are meant to be as they don’t really do much except float around but maybe that is what they are meant to do.

A nice large bath bomb that gave me four baths that smelled great and gave me nice soft pale yellow scented water.



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