MuLondon Organic Rose Foaming face wash


MuLondon Organic Rose Cleanser

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen for a trial through Beautyontrial and I was sent a full sized bottle of this lovely face wash from MuLondon.

My parcel – comes gift wrapped

If you order anything from MuLondon it comes packed so nicely in bubblewrap then a red tissue paper neatly wrapped with a MuLondon sticker to hold it together. It comes looking as though it is gift wrapped not just packaged for the post.

The first products I tried from this small British, London based company are the face moisturisers which I am in l love with. As I am a huge fan of Lush Angel’s on bare Skin I had not really been looking for a face wash but when I was chosen for the trial I was happy to give it a test run.

This company is a one man band owned by Boris who is the “ Founder and head cream-whipper of MuLondon”. I have found Boris to be helpful and treats every customer as an individual. He remembers what I have bought, even from last year so he must keep excellent records of his customers.

Products and free gift make up bag

When you write a review on the website Boris will send you a little gift with your next order. I have had a small MuLondon purse and a makeup bag in my orders. He always takes the trouble to comment on any reviews I put on line and my blog as well.
All the ingredients are organic and fair trade and personally mixed by Boris himself before he pops them into their jars or bottles.

This comes in a plastic container with a push pump dispenser. It holds 150 ml and costs £16 which sounds a lot but it seems to last for ages as you only need one squirt to wash my whole face. There is also a 50 ml size for £8 which is good for travel as it is less than the 100 ml allowed in your carry one luggage.

The pump dispenser

To quote Boris from his website, this is a “Luxury organic foaming face cleanser with Rose Otto oil, Rosehip Extract and Rosemary Antioxidant. This amazing trio will clean, balance and nourish dry, irritated and sensitive skin. “
This lovely face wash is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and is full of great organic ingredients.

In this face wash you have jojoba oil which helps improve the elasticity of the skin. The Rose Otto is good for firming and soothing sensitive skin and is really beneficial for dry and mature skins. It also balances all skin types from oily through combination to dry and mature skins. Then you have rosehip which helps reduce scars and wrinkles while repairing damaged skin cells.
These rose and rose hip extracts and oils are blended by Boris with in a base of certified organic castile soap. This gentle foamy Rose cleanser is free from SLSs and detergents. It cleans your skin but does not strip it of its natural oils.

Creamy foamy face wash

I find I push of the pump gives me enough of this foam to wash my face and neck as well. The product is sort of lathery but it also feels like the very softest cream as I smooth it over my face.

Yellow Rose

It rinses off with no trouble leaving my skin feeling clean but with a layer of natural feeling oil or moisturiser. It doesn’t feel greasy but it doesn’t feel dry either.
Not only is this like washing you face with a creamy cloud but it smells lovely and gentle of rose too. I am not sure how it foams because the product is a liquid that is a mixture of oily and non oily because you can see the layers through the plastic container. As you push the pump down out comes a foamy product so the pump must foam it up as it pushes it out. This means that very little of the actual product is used each push so it lasts a good long time.

It is a gentle face wash but you can of course use it for your hands if they are sore and chapped or indeed use it as a body wash but then it would go down much quicker of course.

Boris makes three face cleansers, this one, a lavender one and a non scented one. I can’t say the unscented one appeals but I would like to try the lavender one sometime when I have used my stash up !

Yes I love this one. I still use my Lush ‘Angels’ too but this is one that i regularly use in between. Being a natural organic product there is a use by date with this but it is not too short lived so I am happy that I will use it before it goes out of date.

Thanks Boris, I love this and will certainly be buying it again but I will try the lavender one next I think for a change.


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  1. Hi Sue – what a lovely review! “It’s like washing you face with a creamy cloud” – very poetic and beautifully described. Many, many thanks! ♥

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