MuLondon Organic Hemp moisturiser – Face Moisturiser


MuLondon Organic hemp Moisturiser

This company was only started in 2008 by Boris Zatezic. I like to support UK companies and especially ones that produce natural and organic products .MuLondon is a London based skincare company creating eco friendly products for the skin.

Boris makes all his products by hand, himself using natural and organic ingredients. The products are very concentrated and “100% vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced and packed in recycled and recyclable materials, including bio-degradable bubble-wrap.” You will find no no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or synthetic fragrance in any of MuLondon’s products. The scent in each different product comes from natural essential oils and herbal extracts . This is great as the essential oils and herbal extracts not only smell great but have different qualities to help with different types of skin.

MuLondon Organic hemp Moisturiser

This moisturiser comes in a small glass screw topped jar which of course is fully recyclable. My small jar has 30ml and costs £9 but you can buy a bigger jar, twice the size for £15 so it is better value to buy the bigger jar. When this arrives in the post in comes in a small cardboard box and the jar is wrapped first in bubble wrap then in red tissue so it looks really nice and would make a great gift.

This moisturisers is ‘super concentrated’ . There is no added liquid or water to make the product look bigger. The product is not whipped either so in the jar is solid moisturiser.

Hemp is a versatile herb known for its healing qualities. This cream will not have you feeling light headed and taking a trip back to the days of Happy Hippies of the late sixties. But it is indeed the same plant which is a fabulous plant full of great medicinal and healing properties is not only used for pain relief in terminal illness but is also great for the skin.

This product is an acquired taste in scent. It smells herby, earthy and slightly smoky to me ; not sweet but certainly not unpleasant to me but then I do like vetiver and smoky scents.
This is one that will suit both men and ladies, young and old. It is supposed to be good for troubled skin so teens may find this one a good choice.

This moisturising face product has the benefits of shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise and certified organic Rosemary Antioxidant which helps to replenish and revive the skin.
Shea Butter is great for treating and helping with the symptoms of dry or sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. It is a natural moisturiser and easily absorbed .

Jojoba Oil helps with increasing skin’s elasticity and strengthening the epidermis.
Vetiver oil helps to balance oily skin and clear acne. Vetivert also helps with normalising the moisture levels in dry and dehydrated skin types. It is also good at rejuvenating mature skin.

Most of the ingredients are certified organic and according to the website the product has a EWG SkinDeep database hazard rating of’ 0′ which is the best possible rating and means that nothing in there is hazardous to you or the environment.

As this was the fourth of Boris’s MuLondon moisturisers I have bought I was not surprised at how hard this product is in the glass jar. If you are used to creams with a lot of water and air in them you will find this very solid. The method I use is to get some moisturiser on the back of my nail. I then melt the moisturiser onto my face and massage it gently onto my face. I usually spray my toner on just before and then it spreads more easily trapping the moisture into my face.

shea butter

When I first tried MuLondon moisturisers I thought they would be really greasy but in fact once I applied this it very quickly sunk in leaving my skin feeling well fed but not at all greasy.

This is great for giving my face a gentle massage and this helps stimulate the skin to look more alive and fresh. The natural oils in this then go to work on my skin.

I bought this one specifically for my sore eczematic neck and it does seem to have helped as my neck is eczema free at present. I have also used it on my elbow as that seems to have developed eczema in the last week so I began using this a couple of days ago.

I don’t tend to use this as a day cream on my face as I have others I find good for that and this tends to make my make up slip around a bit too much. I do however use it on my neck during the day though sometimes if If I am just staying at home then I just apply this and gently massage then add nothing else.

I have had NO nasty reaction since using this and my skin feels nice and soft and the smell does grow on you after a while.

I Keep my jars in a drawer where it is cool and dry and out of direct sunlight as heat and sunlight will damage the contents. I don’t have to worry too much about heat at present as our bedroom we keep at a lowish temperature. There is a best before date on the label so make sure you use before the end date in order to get the most benefit from this as it has no preservatives in it.

I bought this having really liked a trial bottle of the lavender moisturiser through a beauty website and was so impressed that I bought three other varieties as well. I do quite like the smell of this, it is not at all sweet but rather earthy, smoky and exotic in my view.

I found it really easy to order from the site and if you are interested in trying this or any of their natural eco friendly Vegan hand made goodies then they take paypal and of course credit cards too. I paid through paypal and there is a £2.50 per order postage charge NOT per item so it is best to group products together to get the best value from the P&P charge.
Yes this is an unusual smelling very concentrated moisturiser with organic natural, vegan friendly quality ingredients. It is easy to use once you get the hang of getting the stuff out. As it gets further down the pot I know I will have to get something to get the product out.



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