Origins Ginzing

In my effort to find products that are more natural and free of parabens I have been trying a few different companies. Burt’s Bees is one such company and while I like some of their products I have found others to be very expensive and not that great either. Another company I found that creates products using more natural ingredients is Origins. I had heard about them before but it is only in the last year that they have had a counter in our Boots in Derby so I was able to try their stuff.

Origins is another US company but is now a world wide concern. They proudly claim that their products are ;
“ Formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients.”
Origins also state that they test their products on volunteer panels, presumably human as I can’t see other animals volunteering!


This attracted me as I struggle to find any cream to use around my eyes that does not make my eyes stream once I go out in the sunshine. This is marketed as a cream that refreshes , brightens and de puffs the area around your eyes making you look less tired. As I like to travel one of the less good parts of travel are the long tiring flights and after a long flight my eyes look awful, I feel awful and probably look worse. This cream using natural ingredients helps to refresh me, my eyes feel cooler and look a little better too even after thirteen hours in the dry atmosphere and very little sleep.

Magnolia bark extract

The cream contains Panax ginseng and magnolia extract which apparently are magic ingredients that naturally revitalise and energize the skin around your eyes without stinging. The lack of stinging is essential for me as I hate it when I have streaming eyes from the sun’s glare which them mixes with makeup and moisturisers and makes my eyes sting and stream even more!

This cream comes in a small plastic orange pot with a screw top white plastic lid. Inside you get just 15ml of a cafe au lait coloured fairly thick cream. The little pot comes in a cardboard box made from 80% post consumer recycled fibre. The paperboard and carbon used by Origins in their packaging is made using wind or hydropower only both of which are renewable energy resources. They also ask that you recycle the carton and pot when finished.

The cream itself is a sort of creamy coffee coloured with a very slightly fresh citrus herby sort of clean smell. It may be what ginseng smalls like but I am not sure. It certainly isn’t floral or very sweet but more fresh but not zingy either.
The little plastic pot also has the recycle symbol on the bottom so this is a company that is thinking about its products and packaging and how they might affect the environment years later.


I use my finger tips to get a little of the pale coffee coloured cream from the pot and very gently pat this cream around my eyes. I concentrate on under my eyes as this is the part of my face that gets tired looking and can look drained and puffy. I do also pat a little at the corners of my eyes and after a long flight I also shut my eyes and pat some on my eye lids.

As this is sort of skin toned it doesn’t stick out if it doesn’t soak in when pated onto your skin. As soon as you put it on it feels cool. My eyes feel better and I think they look a bit better too. In the interests of reviewing I have put some on one eye and not the other. The effect isn’t startling but it is evident. There is a slight sheen to the cream which helps the lightening effect so you get the dark bags under your eyes lightened and the sheen looks a bit like the effect I get from benefit’s eye brightening cream but this is natural whereas that I would suspect is not.

The skin around my eyes feels a bit tighter and my eyes don’t feel quite as weary. It is a bit like a splash of cold water on your face but without the skin reddening effect you get from that. I use this cream combined with eye drops for tired eyes and the combined effect is really freshening. I can’t say I no longer feel tired after a long flight but at least I no longer feel like someone has thrown sand in my eyes.

I think this cost around £20 but it has been around six months since I bought this last so I have forgotten. I was lucky and paid for this product but got a face wash and a charcoal face mask free so for three products I thought £20 was good value. Origins are a good company for offers and recently I took an empty moisturiser to the counter and got a free tube of one of their rather superior moisturisers so I was well chuffed. It is worth keeping your eyes on their website as this tells you what offers are on and how to get what they are offering.


Yes this does a good job as a makeup base or just by itself of tightening the skin around my eyes and adding a bit of a lightening and brightening effect. It has NEVER stung my eyes and has been tested by human beings who volunteered and uses all natural non animal ingredients which has to be a good thing in my view.

I am so pleased that I have found this company as I really do like to use products with plant based ingredients. I like the ethics of this company and the fact that they are thinking of the environment with their packaging as well as their product ingredients.
I will certainly be buying from Origins again as all the four products I have used have been excellent and I like the way the company is working so as not to harm the environment any more than absolutely necessary including using renewable energy sources.

This is a lovely eye cream to use alone after a tiring flight or under makeup when going out in the evening. One I shall be buying again when mine runs out but you use so little at a time it will be quite a while before I need to buy another pot.


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