Weleda Oat replenishing Shampoo


Weleda Oat Replemishing Shampoo

Weleda is a Swiss company founded by Rudolph Steiner who was Austrian who had quite revolutionary ideas for the time as regards health solutions and education.

The sample sized tube

I have been lucky enough to be sent a couple of small tubes of this shampoo from Weleda . This is their Oat Replenishing Shampoo and my review is based on two 20 ml tubes that I was sent . My hair is quite short and so I have managed to get about ten uses from the two tubes which I thought was pretty good.

The full sized bottle of this shampoo is 190 mls which is an odd size, why not 200 ml? This 190 ml bottle ranges in price from £7 to around £9 so it is not the cheapest shampoo you can buy but it is organic and full of great natural ingredients. Weleda’s ingredients are in fact 100% natural, and that has been independently certified by the international standard NATRUE which sets the highest standards for naturalness in the world.

The product has been created to help dry or damaged hair and though mine isn’t damaged it is quite dry and I could go for a week without washing but I like the feel of it washed and soft and smelling nice so I do wash it every couple of days. I used a shampoo that is for dry hair and a conditioner as it would be easy to dry it out with washing it often.


I am lucky in that my hair is thick and quite course so needs little additional product to style it. I don’t use straighteners as straight hair does not suit me but I do use a hair dryer when I wash my hair and this is potentially damaging. I also colour my hair every couple of months as I have some grey hair right at the front which I hate so I do need to ensure I treat my hair carefully in order to keep from damaging it.
This is one of Weleda’s newer products and contains oats which everyone now knows is great for sensitive skin so would be good for those with sensitive scalps. Oats are gentle and rich in silicic acid as well as vitamins and proteins minerals supposedly good for hair. This new hair care range has won the Platinum Award 2013 for Best New Natural Range.
This new Oat range helps rid your hair of any build up of synthetic ingredients that sometimes weigh hair down and often irritate the scalp This build up can make your hair dull and lifeless and also cause your hair to split and break.
This shampoo is made from pure plant extracts and oils which revitalise your hair and scalp so helping to restore your hair’s natural shine.


The cleansing and foaming element in this shampoo comes not from synthetic foaming agents but from natural plant-based cleansing agents made from coconut oil and plant sugars . These are not only gentle on the scalp but are also bio degradable so do not harm the planet either. The shampoo is made with Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids which according to Weleda is“ a natural gentle cleansing and moisturising ingredient made when oat amino acids, salt and fatty acids from coconut oil are combined.”

I used these little tubes over a couple of weeks and also used the matching conditioner sometimes but as it is quite intensive I alternated that with other conditioners.
The shampoo was a golden colour and quite thick but not creamy at all. It lathered quite well but less foamy that other non natural shampoos. It feels nice and rinses out leaving my hair feeling clean but not stripped. I quite like the smell , it is kind of oaty but with a hint of something herby and slightly floral but very subtle.


The notes I have discovered are “Mimosa are combined with the sweet-balmy scent of tonka beans to create a delicious fragrance, anchored by the aromatic scent of Cedar wood oil.” I have to say the scent is subtle and sweet but I would not have detected all those.
This shampoo has lovely organic jojoba oil which helps to ‘feed’ dry hair but at the same time it isn’t heavy nor does it make the hair greasy. The shampoo is also supposed to be volumising which is something I don’t need as my hair is really thick but I didn’t find this a problem but those with thin hair might find it helps.
I never tried the shampoo by itself with no conditioner so I don’t know what it would be like using it by itself. I used the matching conditioner every second time and a Lush conditioner at other times.

tonka bean

My scalp felt clean but not dry and itchy like I sometimes have after harsh shampoos. My hair looked healthy and was quite shiny and it felt soft and smooth not dry and crisp. It didn’t do anything that my other natural shampoos don’t do but it is much better than the cheaper synthetic ones I have used sometimes when we travel and I find them in hotels.
This is a really nice shampoo that smells nice and does a good gentle job of cleaning my hair. I am happy to use this shampoo but it isn’t cheap. I have found that those with more natural ingredients tend to be more expensive. So if natural, organic earth friendly shampoos are something you appreciate then give this one a try.

The photos are from Morguefile free to use or Weleda courtesy of Susie Fairfield


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