Cowshed ‘Knackered Cow ‘ relaxing shower gel


Knackered Cow shower gel

A Freebie -Oh Goodie I thought!
I have seen this range of toiletries in Boots on the display near the other more expensive name brands and although I loved the packaging and the great product names I was greatly put off by their prices. One month a while back a magazine was offering a ‘freebie’ if you bought the magazine and this time the free product was a small bottle 100 ml of shower gel worth apparently £8. Never one to miss a bargain I bought the magazine and then spent all of 10 minutes flicking through it. I really cannot see the value of these magazines as they are so full of advertisements and the articles are just piffle, give me a good book any day. But, I am not reviewing the rubbish magazine, just this very expensive shower gel. The magazine went to the doctor’s surgery and the shower gel was taken upstairs to sit on the side of the bath waiting to be used that evening.

What do I get?

As I said this is a tiny bottle with black and white graphics on the label. This one has a silhouette of cow parsley flowers and the name of the product ‘knackered cow’ in a purple, under the name is written ‘relaxing: bath and shower gel ‘ in black then in purple and in a much smaller font ‘ with essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus’ .


On the back I am informed that this is ‘A herbaceous blend that helps you slow down and unwind. Lavender restores harmony while eucalyptus clarifies the mind’. The rest of the information is written in a pale grey in very small font so that you need 20/20 vision and a very ‘clarified mind’ to be able to get any of the information. I did just manage to make out that you had to avoid getting it in your eyes.

The good stuff:
On further research I have discovered that these products are paraben, petrochemical and sulphate free which is a major plus and if they can do it I don’t understand why Lush are not doing it considering they claim to be all natural too. Their products are suitable for vegetarians and only contain certified organic ingredients and no artificial fragrances or colours. All that is very positive and I applaud their philosophy and would even pay a little more for their stuff because of this.

About the Cowshed:
I love the tagline for this brand 2 Feel udderley gorgeous with Cowshed’ which I think is cute and clever. Their brand name is quirky to say the least and I’m not convinced that it makes it great for present giving. You would have to choose your recipient carefully as I’m not sure how I’d feel receiving a shower gel for a ‘knackered cow’, ‘horny cow’. ‘lazy cow’ or in fact any gel with the name cow in it but I might be unusual here.

The company not only make shower and bath stuff but also do a living range of clothes, travel stuff like bags, baby clothes and a range of toiletries for men branded ‘Bollocks’ which again is a questionable name for gift giving! If you are interested in seeing the range or finding out more about the company the website is If nothing else you can have a chuckle over the names on their products.
My experience:
When the magazine were giving these away there was a supposedly choice but in our little village shop we had to have ‘knackered cow’ as that was all they had.

As I had the bedtime bath gel I decided I would use it in my bedtime bath and hopefully feel very relaxed and mellow after using it and thus enjoy a deep and meaningful sleep. I opened the tiny plastic bottle and took a deep sniff. Now both lavender and eucalyptus are strong scents so I was expecting to be knocked back by the smell but no, what greeted my nasal receptor cells was a very faint slightly floral aroma. A little taken aback I poured some of the almost clear gel into my hands and lathered them up a little. I took another deep sniff and the same slightly foral scent with maybe a hint of lavender but the eucalyptus must have been waved over my bottle as there was no strong herby scent of eucalyptus at all.

The gel is clear and slightly thick, a bit like washing up liquid. It has a faint yellowish tinge but as there are no added colours it is pretty colourless which I don’t mind at all. The lack of scent was a major concern as both those essential oils ingredients in my experience are quite powerful and for this to have the almost nil scent that it has I began to wonder exactly how much of these essential oils were in the gel. If I drop a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in my bath it is very noticeable, I haven’t ever used eucalyptus essential oil but I do know if I crunch one leaf the scent is pretty strong and when I lived in Australia we did used to put scrunched up leaves in boiling water and use the water from that for lots of things like cleaning, add a bit to the bath and so on. That was quite a strong infusion that made rooms smell fresh and clean naturally.

Okay so the smell is almost negligible how does it clean? Well it does lather up quite well but considering it doesn’t have the surfactants I wasn’t expecting a huge amount of lather and that also didn’t bother me. I felt clean after using this but not that moisturized and I certainly didn’t fall asleep in my bath. I felt quite miffed that I could have spent £8 on this and in fact I did spent £3.50 as I threw the magazine out at the doctor’s as I went past. So it wasn’t quite the freebie that told my husband! I didn’t feel at all relaxed in fact I felt slightly diddled. So no smell, no relaxation element and very expensive for an average sort of product.

So sorry Cowshed I certainly won’t be buying any more of your products. I applaud your philosophy and use of natural products that are paraben, petro chemical and sulphate free but I think you need to refine your recipes so that the main ingredients of a product are at least evident to the user. The packaging is unusual and the names quirky and original it is just the contents that are poor. Even at £3.50 that I paid for the magazine I feel like a ‘Duped Cow’ and had I paid £8 I would have been a very ‘Angry Cow’, in fact I think I might even have been tempted to go back to Boots and complain but as I didn’t actually officially ‘buy’ the product I suppose I can’t.


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