Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash


Pomegranate Body Wash


I have recently been lucky and received about six sample products from this lovely company, three in this range.  So far this range has been my favourite as I just love the smell and can’t get enough of it.

Weleda are originally a German company founded by the philosopher and founder of the Steiner schools, Rudolf Steiner. They now have over 1900 employees and have outlets in over fifty countries . The company was renamed Weleda in 1928. I have always rated their homeopathic medicines but only recently have I become interested in their toiletries and body stuff.

All Weleda products are : 100% pure and natural and are certified . They use only the ‘purest wild crafted, biodynamic or organically grown ingredients. Their products contain no petroleum derived ingredients, no synthetic chemicals, no synthetic preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no GMOs and naturally are NOT tested on animals (apart from willing humans of course).

This tube I have is a sample of the creamy pomegranate body wash, in the same colour as the full sized tube which holds 200ml and costs about £5.80 depending on where you buy it. Considering all the lovely natural ingredients in this I feel that is a fair price to pay personally.


This is not a very soapy sort of shower gel as it doesn’t really lather very much on me. What it does do is pamper my skin with a lovely creamy, moisturizing wash. It feels like you are smoothing a lotion on and I leave it on while I lie back in my bath and soak so that I can enjoy the lovely neroli combined with my favourite sandalwood smell while the creamy wash cleans and moisturizes my skin.

The product is designed to stimulate and inspire the senses with its lovely essential oils which give the aroma I love and at the same time the oils from the pomegranate seeds, sesame and macadamia nuts moisturize and soften the skin.

Although I like this product I think I prefer the body lotion and hand cream in the range. The creamy body wash feel lovely but I always feel I need to wash certain parts of my body with something more lathery as it doesn’t feel clean enough for places like under arms. This rather takes away from the benefits that I enjoy of the scent.


The scent in this is also not as obvious as in the body lotion or the hand cream which I found a bit disappointing really. I did however love the feeling on my skin and once I was out and dried my skin still felt nice and didn’t feel at all dry or tight or itchy which is sometimes does after a bath.

After I get out I do treat myself to the body lotion of the same scent and that way I can lie in bed and sniff my arms as I lie reading until I fall asleep. The next day I could still faintly smell the lovely neroli and other essential oil smells on my arms when I sniffed them, My skin felt good, nice and moisturized not at all dry and parched.

The magazine Elle on their on line site named this as this one of their Skincare Superheroes. The Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil in this range from Weleda has been shown in tests by dermatologists to accelerate skin renewal by 50% when used twice daily for two weeks. I think I am sold on this range and will be buying more when I have finished my other products as I hate wasting things.

I would certainly recommend this body wash as it is gentle and helps keep your skin soft and well nourished. It is especially good in winter when my skin tends to get quite dry from all the central heating we enjoy. For anyone wanting to keep their beauty and body care products that they use cruelty and eco friendly then this is one I would suggest trying. If you have skin sensitivity problems then again try this as it has no nasty parabens or chemical preservatives or anything nasty in it.


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  1. It is true what you , Pomegranate is one of their best products. I have used them at times as well but for now I am addicted to Lierac products.

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