golden wonder

Golden Wonder


Now I’m not a greatest bath ballistic fan on the whole despite my true addiction to Lush. In my humble opinion these are a fun product and apart from giving off a little scent they soften the water and give a fun fizz as they dissolve but that is about the extent of it. However knowing my passion for all things Lush I do tend to get given gifts of Lush items and as these look good and are a bit if fun they are often popped into my birthday or Christmas or mother’s day pressies.

Golden Wonder in the shape of a wrapped gift

I did however buy this one as I was so taken by the look and shape of the as well the lovely fresh scent when I called in to my favourite shop just before Christmas.

This ballistic is in the shape of a present with a sort of bow on the top and it is gold, hence the name. What is exciting about this bath ballistic is that like any present you can shake it and when you do shake it you hear something rattling inside it. You are then intrigued as to what might be hiding inside and desperate to use it.

Lush say that this is :

“For those types who can’t help shaking that box with their name on under the tree”

“This isn’t a bath – this is an event !

We loved this ballistic so much, we decided to put one of our most popular perfumes in it, so that lots of people will enjoy bathing in it. Long standing customers will recognise the smell of Champagne Snow Showers. Newer customers might like to know that the smell is of a light fizzing champagne cocktail, and contains sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil.

So wonder no longer – put one of these in your basket and try it for yourself

Edible stars


This is quite a big ballistic but it is also quite expensive at £3.25. You are meant to pop the whole thing in you bath and really enjoy the experience of the ballistic fizzing and gradually changing colour. However at £3.25 there was no way this was just going to give me one bath so I broke mine up!! I know that is cheating as I then discovered what was inside but I am not telling as it would spoil it for you.

This ballistic has some lovely ingredients such as sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil and hence it has a lovely uplifting sweet citrus quality to the scent and that apart from its special shape and the hidden surprise is what attracted me to this.


I have already told you that I broke mine up so I carefully selected bits that were different colours so that I would experience the full effect of the ballistic even though I had broken it. I took about a third of the mixed bits and popped them into my bath and watched as they swirled around fizzing and giving off their different colours.

The golden bits went yellow and the blue bits went blue then they merged to produce greeny blue clear water with little gold stars floating around with a glimmer of gold on the surface. It was so beautiful and I wondered what would happen to the little stars when I got in and if they would be left in my bath after I had let the water out.

This has to be one of the most exciting bath ballistics lush have created for action and interest and I am so pleased I bought it because even thought I had broken it up I still got the entire mix of colour, stars and shimmer as well as the lovely sweet citrus scent so I was really pleased.

The water smelled lovely and felt so soft. I loved the shimmery water and finally when I let the water out I just swilled the final glimmer from the bath and certainly was not left with an awful mess to clean which is always a bonus. I think the little gold stars just dissolved after a while in the hot bath.


Sodium Bicarbonate and cream of tartar help to soften the water and balance the acidity

Sweet Orange Oil just smells so lovely and it helps calm the mind and lift the spirits so a sort of bath time happy mix.

Cognac Oil has a herby aroma but doesn’t seem to bring much else to the product.

Lime oil helps improve circulation helps with arthritis and rheumatism. It also helps with oily skin and detoxifying the skin.

Gardenia Extract is known in aromatherapy for its soothing and calming aroma


The Golden Wonder broken up

 Edible Golden Stars and  Golden Lustre just for the fun of it.


Surly not, this is Lush after all but you might be surprised to find that Lush, although I am one of their biggest fans is not perfect.

Lush do somewhat gloss over the less great contents. I have done a bit of research and have discovered that some of these so called natural contents are anything but.

These are less desirable sodium laureth sulfate is there to make the bubbles. This has been linked to cancer so if this bothers you then I suggest you have a look at this article.

The Cocamide DEA is a viscosity, thickening and foam booster but once again there have been stories about links with cancer. The storage and handling precautions are also a little worrying. See .


This is a bit of fun to have a nicely scented bath. If you have tried Lush’s  Champagne Snow Showers in the past this has the same scent.

If you have any skin problems then be aware that there are ingredients in this that could aggravate eczema and the like. I do have sensitive skin and I had no problems so obviously these aren’t the ingredients I am allergic too.

I did like this ballistic and it is one of few I would buy again but it is quite expensive for what you get but makes a lovely treat but I do actually prefer bubble bars to bath ballistics.

So I would recommend if you like Christmassy surprises with fresh uplifting scents and a lovely clear greeny blue water with gold shimmer and stars to make you feel special.

Some photos are mine and some from the Lush website

Golden Wonder with ingredients


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