Aveda light Elements Smoothing Fluid


Light Elements Smoothing Fluid

This smoothing fluid comes in 100ml push pump plastic bottle which is translucent so you can see how much you have left. I didn’t have the full sized bottle so cant say how the pump works. I have a small sample sized product bought from one of my beauty sample sites and it had enough for me to use about 5 times.

The 100 ml bottle costs a whopping £22 so I don’t see my rushing to buy this despite the fact that I do rate it highly.

The idea of this fluid is that it tames frizzy hair and allows you to style your hair while taming it. Because it is less frizzy it also looks shinier and healthier too so a double bonus. The fluid is all plant based and certified organic hence the hefty price tag.

jojoba nut

jojoba nut

The smoothing and conditioning ingredient in this is jojoba oil which is great for the hair keeping it healthy and conditioned while adding natural shine and smoothing it too. The best thing about this is that even though it smooths the hair I found that my hair didn’t feel weighed down or feel lank and heavy at all. In fact it felt soft and light and looked much shinier.

I found that my hair was easier to style and that it stayed in the style well too. Aveda say you should apply a small amount of this to damp hair so I applied it to my hair once I had toweled it drier. You don’t need much and I squeezed a little into my hand and then rubbed it through with my fingers to spread it evenly through my hair. I found a small dollop of about pea sized was plenty for my hair.

Once my hair was dry if I thought it still needed it I ran a little through my hair with my fingers to give a it of extra shine. Basically I used it as any hair serum that gives shine but this has more natural ingredients so is better for the hair.

Shiny hair but sadly not mine

Shiny hair but sadly not mine

My step daughter straightens her hair and she tried it before straightening and her hair which is thick but finer than mine looked absolutely lovely, so sleek and shiny I was quite jealous as straight hair just does not suit me.

This doesn’t have a lot of smell and didn’t make my hair greasy at all. If it had been just a little less expensive I would have been straight to my Aveda shop to buy some more as I does a fabulous job. My hair looked healthy and shiny and was much easier to style. My hair felt soft and smooth but not heavy and weighed down. I didn’t need to wash my hair more often when using this either which sometimes happens when I use a serum.

I really do think this is a great company and love their products but they are something I buy when feeling wealthy or when I can get samples and offers from the different beauty sites as they are a big investment. I do think they are worth the money though as my hair does look and feel really nice when I use this and their other products.

They are not very generous with samples from the shop though so I do have to look on line at the various beauty sites. We do have a shop in Derby and I have had some samples from them but not many unlike Lush who are very generous with samples which makes me far more likely to go in and spend my money.

So a lovely product that does all it promises to do. A nice natural product with no chemicals or animal products and not tested on animals. Aveda were the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power . They take pride in using responsible packaging and were the first beauty company with 100% post consumer recycled PET for skin care and hair styling packaging.

I would recommend this product but save up for it. A little goes a long way so it would probably last quite some time. My sample did and gave me quite a few uses.


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