Lush Sympathy for the Skin

Sympathy for the skin

Sympathy for the skin

I was in Lush again a few weeks ago and my neck was really sore with eczema. I was talking to the staff and they suggested trying this cream. They then applied some to my poor sore neck and gave me a small standard pot half filled with some more to try at home.


Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a cream of wealth and taste

A rich cream of cocoa butter and bananas to soften the skin.

Helen invented this because she is passionate about the amazing properties of fruit and wanted to be able to get them directly onto the skin in an easy to sink in cream.”

They say that this is designed to be for the most sensitive skins and includes yummy fruit ingredients to help soothe and repair the skin. It is one of their older products and it is so popular that they have not been able to replace it or take it off the shelves.




Okay so we have the wonderful banana mush and when bananas are ripe they have antifungal and antibiotic properties in the peel and the pulp. That is great news but even better is that the pulp is a great emollient and are very good at moisturising andthey soften skin and all these help to make the skin more flexible and supple.

Cocoa butter we all know is a wonderful natural moisturiser and particularly good for relieving dry itchy skin. It also has a lovely subtle chocolate like scent.



Almond oil has very little scent and is great for the skin as well. It has a high vitamin E content which is also good for repairing skin. It is gentle, easy to apply leaving skin soft and silky.

Vanilla plant

Vanilla plant

The vanilla pod infusion is added for its creamy scent and for its antioxidant quality as well as the fact it makes this a lighter more liquid formula.

The other ingredients are mainly essential oils and resins that give this cream its scent.

Sadly they have also added  Methylparaben and Propylparaben  which Lush say are safe but have been questioned re their safety by many so I leave that one for you to decide for yourself how you feel.


I love how this cream feels when I apply it as it is so soft, cool and gentle. It is very quickly absorbed but that doesn’t mean that it is not moisturising as my skin feels really nice, not greasy but soft and smooth and comfortable. My skin feels as though it has been softly wrapped in a fleecy blanket rather than buried under a pile of heavy coats.

Sympathy for the skin on my hand

Sympathy for the skin on my hand

This comes in a 240ml pot for £10.75 so one of Lush’s more expensive creams but not the most expensive by a long way.On line it seems you cannot get the smaller pot but I’m not sure if you can in the shop as I am still using my very generous sample which was in a smaller sized standard pot and pretty much half full. I will have to replace it soon so thought I’d better write my review before it has disappeared.

This is a, really nice gentle and soft cream with a pretty luxurious quality for someone who has minor dry or sensitive skin. I love my sample and think it is an excellent moisturising cream which has helped with my neck rash problem and that is where I use this every day and night. 


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