Good Things Five Minute Facial

Good Things Five Minute Facial
Good things Face mask

Good Things Face mask

I have only recently come across this brand of toiletries and beauty products. Apparently Good Things was created by Amanda Hart-Davis, a beauty writer using her experience in the field. The products have been developed to make the best of young skin. I bought this before I knew that but hopefully it works for old skin too.


I particularly was drawn to the super fruits claim on the front of the pack combined with the ‘Free From symbol telling me it had no parabens, SLS, animal ingredients or mineral oils.

This means the product is cruelty free and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The product comes in a plastic upside down tube so that the tube sits on the flip top lid. The tube is a pale blue colour with the graphics and writing on the front in one of three colours, black, purple and a pink which actually is more subtle than it sounds. It looks as though it is a good quality product rather than cheap and tacky.

The product on my hand

The product on my hand

On the back it tells you a bit about the company then the product and how to use it followed by a list of ingredients in smaller text.


I am a sucker for anything different and couldn’t resist this despite having two tubs of Lush face masks and others in my drawer!. I couldn’t wait to test this one out and because it isn’t fresh there is no need for it to be kept in the fridge so I don’t have to patter down pre bath to collect my face mask as this is in the bathroom already.

This squeezes out of the plastic tube through a medium sized hole so a thin snake of the cream comes out. It is reasonably thick, like a cream rather than a body butter but thicker than a lotion. It feels really silky soft and creamy and glides onto my face gently and smoothly.

It smelsl lovely, a sort of fruity sweet scent and very refreshing. As it feels cool on application that helps with the refreshing feel too. So a combination of silky smooth sweet and fruity scent make this a lovely treat as I then lie back in my bath and relax.

This doesn’t dry to a crisp cakey feel but rather stays soft and creamy. After five minutes you can rinse this off. I use a damp face cloth to wipe it off gently. It is a good idea to keep it away from you eyes so the face cloth helps with wiping it off more accurately. If it does get in your eyes then rinse thoroughly with lots of water.

I found it comes off pretty easily because it does dry not to that crisp hard finish. After I rinse it off I then use a  toner and moisturise before applying any make up .



This mask is full of things that are good for your skin. The green clay and kaolin are there to draw out any impurities in the skin. Lovely avocado oil which is full of vitamin E is there to moisturise and of course gives the mask that nice silky feel too. They have added goji berry juice and extract which is very soothing for the skin and finally willow bark extract gives the skin a nice radiant finish. There is also she butter another fine skin moisturiser and blueberry fruit extract which is full of anti oxidants.

I am also happy to buy a product made in the UK from a British company as I like to support home grown companies.

After rinsing this off I find that my skin feels quite soft and well moisturised, not at all tight and dry feeling. I do then tone and moisturise. I am not sure I can see my skin looking more radiant but I think, sadly that boat has long since sailed. I am just happy to have clean nice feeling and slighter firmer skin. Other products I use fight the sands of time and are anti ageing, wrinkle filling and so on.

The mask on my hand

The mask on my hand

It does say this is designed for making the most of younger skin and again mine isn’t but I can’t see it doing any harm. It won’t wipe the years off me but it cleans and freshens my tired skin and I have been happy using this one.

I bought this from Boots for £3.99 and used my Boots Advantage card so earned a few more points. I think for 100ml that is great value as it will last ages . I am sure I will get at least twenty uses if not more as I have used it four of five times and it still looks pretty full as you don’t needs loads for each use.


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