Melvita Rose Nectar Beauty Cream Hand & Nails Cream

Rose hand cream

Rose hand cream

Once again I was lucky enough to be chosen to trial this product through Beautyontrial and was quite thrilled when my parcel arrived with it in. I love testing products as it is like having birthdays throughout the year when these gifts arrive. Prior to testing two of their products I had not come across this company but I have been impressed with the two products I have tried so far.




This is a French company that has been working with organic natural ingredients and creating beauty products since 1983.

The company do not test on animals and create their products using natural organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT and according to the box 99.31% of the total ingredients in this are from natural origin and 29.91% are from organic farming. They also believe in using fair-trade ingredients where available too.
If you would like to buy some of their products then there is a new St Martin’s Courtyard eco store in Covent Garden and in the Exchange Shopping Centre  in Putney.

You can also buy on line at stores and selected John Lewis stores



My tube is the full size 75ml upside down tube with the lid being the part that it stands on. The lid is a flip top and you squeeze the tube to dispense the cream through the small hole in the normally covered lid. This tube costs £12 usually so I was thrilled to bits to get this to test as that is quite expensive for a hand cream that size.


I can’t say I am wowed by their packaging and presentation as it looks a bit function really. It looks to me like the sort of product you might buy from Holland & Barratt rather than a luxury beauty product which is the price range it falls in to .The presentation is functional and practical but not beautiful or luxurious looking at all.


Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

This hand cream is part of the Rose Hydration Collection with all the goodness of five active rose ingredients. The lovely smelling rose  water, rose seed milk and wild rose petals are there to moisturise  and then they have added castor oil which moisturises hands and also strengthens the nails .

This cream is created to specially stimulate, perfume and deeply hydrate the skin. It smells absolutely gorgeous of real fresh rose and not at all granny ish which can sometimes be the case with rose scented toiletries.


I absolutely love the smell of this hand cream. It smells like fresh roses and not at all unnatural. The cream is soft and white, not too thick but I find that you really only need a small amount as it is very rich. It sinks in very quickly into my skin leaving my hands looking more nourished, feeling soft and smelling wonderful. I have also noticed that my nail cuticles are nice and soft after using this for a couple of weeks.



I am limiting myself to using this once a day so treat my hands to a dose after doing my housework and cleaning. My hands literally soak up the cream and feel so much better. My family have actually asked me what perfume I am wearing when I have  applied this and  if they happen to be there when I put it on I have a small queue!! I have hidden my tube upstairs as often when the step daughters come to collect their offspring they take a bit of whatever hand cream I have on the kitchen side! Usually I don’t mind but I am reluctant to share this too often as it is a bit special and I’m unlikely to be able to afford this again in the near future.

I loved this and the smell is wonderful. It makes my hands feel and look good too. Thanks for the trial it is most appreciated.


Yes indeed. It is a really luxurious hand cream that smells wonderful. My hands have appreciated the treat and look and feel much better since using this just once a day. My hands are not young and beautiful and the  lines and wrinkles are sadly still there but my hands feel nicer so I am very happy with the results. It is certainly a brand I shall be looking out for in the future as I admire their ethics and feel that this is the way we should be going with our beauty products. Beauty without cruelty should be the motto for all in my view.

The hand cream is gentle but rich and very and effective. I have had no allergic reaction from using this and it makes me happy to know no animal suffered in its creation either. I am really very taken with the scent and sit sniffing my hands after I have put this one and the scent does stay for quite a while too so in my view it does a good job.


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