Body Shop – Earth Lovers Range Peach and Basil Shower gel

Apricot and basil shower gel

Apricot and basil shower gel


This range of shower gels has six varieties and they are all sulphate free, paraben free, soap free and colorant free and as I said 100% biodegradable which is more than Lush can say and I am one of their biggest fans.

The options in this series of shower gels are this one, Apricot and Basil, fragrance free, lemon and Thyme, Pear and lemongrass, cucumber and mint, fig and rosemary and finally watermelon and eucalyptus. I had a sniff of all of them and chose the apricot and basil.


These are usually a whopping £5 for 250 ml but sometimes and I think at  the present time they are 50% off and cost a more reasonable £2.50. I you want to try the range rush to buy now and you can buy online too. If you miss this sale I would wait as they have a few each year when the prices become more sensible to me.




Firstly I commend the Body Shop for their efforts are creating something 100% biodegradable and free of the questionable ingredients that most toiletry products contain.

This means it is not damaging the environment and also means it is okay for those with paraben related eczema and other sensitive skins.

The apricot and basil extracts are natural and it also contains aloe vera also from community fair trade sources so all good it seems.

The product is a clear pale green liquid and smells strongly of apricot but in quite an overwhelming rather too sweet way and the basil is undetectable to me which is a shame as I love the smell of basil.



The product lathers quite well but obviously not so well as a product with chemical surfactant does but it felt reasonably creamy and as through I was getting a good wash when using it. It lathers in about the same way as the ‘Naked ‘ range does so obviously they use the same foaming ingredient.



The smell although strong in the bottle does not really carry too well once it has lathered up and once I am out of my shower or bath I can’t smell it on my skin at all.  It felt a bit of disappointing it was like being shown something good and having it waved past your nose and removed and you are left with a sort of flat let down feeling as it passed you by leaving not even a hint of what it smelled like.

Well yes and no. I really do think it is great that companies are making the effort to be more eco friendly. It is also nice to be able to have some fragrance in a skin sensitive product but £5 is way over priced and as they do sell it for £2.50 and I am sure they are NOT making a loss it does make you question the profit margin on this. At £2.50 I would buy it and try others in the range but no way would I spend £5 on it as it isn’t that special.


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