LP Skin Therapy Overnight Replenish Cream

LP skin therapy

LP skin therapy

I have never heard of Linda Papadopoulos PhD but she is apparently a psychologist and leader in the field of psychodermatology which I have never heard of either.

She has used her knowledge to create a new skincare range LP Skin Therapy, and this is one of those products in the range. I received this through one of my trial sites where you can send for samples and make up your own beauty box of goodies.

This skin cream called LP Skin Therapy was created to help with both the external aging factors such as pollution and the sun as well as the internal factors such as stress. 

This product contains what Dr Linda believes are the best anti-ageing ingredients and also ingredients that are supposed to help calm the mind. These ingredients include Tyrostan, Vitacell, St Johns Wort, Grape Seed Extract and Hibiscus Extract.

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower

I can’t say I wake up looking ten years younger when I use this but it does feel nice when I apply it and my skin does look okay in the morning.

When I use this I do make a bit of an effort to massage it gently into my face and neck so that I get the full benefit of the relaxation and stress relief.

Some of the active ingredients in this simple white cream include many vitamins F,A,C &E as well as gold and platinum peptides and these are blended with the scent of calming wild mountain flowers.

My relaxing bath

My relaxing bath

I always cleanse my face then tone then use this either with or without a face oil. I never use this during the day as I feel it is designed to use at night with all its de stressing and calming ingredients.

This cream is full of shea butter and cocoa butter and so it is slightly greasy but I don’t find it too heavy for a night cream as by morning it is all absorbed into my skin.

Peaceful calming flowers

Peaceful calming flowers

For those of you into natural products this may need a bit more research as some ingredients I am not familiar with but there are lots of lovely natural oils and butters such as Grapeseed Oil ,Jojoba Oil, Baobab Oil.

Then you find ingredients such as Collageneer, Matrixyl 3000 and Tyrostan which I have no idea what they are.

This is not a cheap cream and comes with a price tag of around £50 so despite the fact that is is full of nice ingredients and did make my skin feel soft and moisturised.


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