Lush Bugsplat Bath ballistic

Lush Bugsplat Bath ballistic

This, sadly was a  very short lived ballistic created by Lush for about a week or so then no more. I was lucky enough to get a couple when I was in Derby during The week supporting the work of ‘Reprieve’ who are anti the use of drones which are unmanned aerial vehicles.



This ballistic is green and looks like a splat of paint. It got its name partly because it is scented with Lush’s perfume ‘The Bug’ and partly because ‘bugsplat’ is what the pilots in Nevada remotely controlling these drones call those people accidentally killed by these drones! I was actually quite shocked to hear that such a derogatory term was used for these accidental deaths.

I could go into the damage done by drones but that is kind of ‘off topic’ but if you type Lush Bugsplat’ into Google then the ‘Reprieve ‘page comes up with all their information about drones and the damage caused by these so called harmless war machines.

To date, the United States has used drones to execute without trial some 4,700 people in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia – all countries against whom it has not declared war. The US’ drones programme is a covert war being carried out by the CIA.

That alone should ring alarm bells in most people I would think.


I was so pleased to be able to get these two as I knew all my money bar VAT was going to the charity cause and also I knew these were short lived. They are a good size and cost about £2.50 each. I got four baths from my first one and the second one is hiding in my clothes drawer for use sometime in the next months.

The Bug - perfume

The Bug – perfume


I always fill my bath then pop in the ballistic as that way I can watch it go to work fizzing and sending out it colours and scents while I am in there with it. This tuned fabulous greeny and blue mixed colours and the smell was lovely. It dissolved and fizzed quite slowly so that the colours fizzed out and the scent was allowed to develop slowly growing stronger all the time.

I sat or rather lay back in the bath enjoying the interesting herb like aroma which filled not only my bath water but the bathroom and then beyond into our bedroom as well.

The bath water was a lovely greenish clear colour and really soft. The scent stayed on my body for sometime afterwards. My skin felt nice, not tight or irritated in any way. It didn’t moisturise me but didn’t dry me out either. I had no itchy skin despite my strange skin that is sensitive to things that make me come out in rashes.


Trying so hard to describe this smell. The notes in this are like those of the perfume which are;  galbanum and black pepper with strong and unusual notes of cistus labdanum, sandalwood and elemi oil.

I am not familiar with some of those but do love the perfume as it is really unusual. It reminds me a bit of Comme des garcon ‘Amazing Green’ but stronger and slightly sweeter or creamier.

Spice market

Spice market

Galbanun is sort of Sort of woody like a forest rather than woody like sandalwood. It is quite an intense green fragrance with woody and balsamic elements.  Cistus labdanum is a resin a bit like myrrh and also woody in scent while sandalwood is woody and sweeter and elemi oil is citrus like with a slightly spicy scent . So you can see al the notes for this perfume are in the woody, spicy fresh band and no sweet and creamy ones at all. I think it is an acquired taste and would certainly appeal to a lot of men as it is kind of aftershave like but I love it.


Yes, but sadly unless Lush can be persuaded to make some more in the future you won’t be able to get hold of one. I am so sad that I didn’t buy more but £7.50 seemed a lot to spend on bath stuff in one hit. I thought £5 was enough so I shall have to save my second one for some special baths in the future!



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