Melvita Prosun Gradual self tanning moisturising gel-cream for face and body


Melvita_logo_1320418808MELVITA – Nature at heart

The Melvita company is a pioneer in organic beauty and has grown to become one of France’s leading brands of natural cosmetics and toiletries. It was founded in 1983 and created its own natural and organic beauty products everyday use and without any harsh chemicals.


All their products meet the criteria of  ECOCERT Ecological and Organic Cosmetics standards and of the Cosmébio label.

They only use the finest organic and responsibly sourced ingredients .They are actively involved in protesting against the use of tests on animals for product development.

Melvita pro sun

Melvita pro sun

They only use raw ingredients from sustainable growers in under privileged areas so helping to support small local growers and local

I have been very impressed with their philosophy and ethics and feel that Lush could learn a thing or two from them.


Prosun is Melvita’s sun range which includes sun protection as well as this no sun tanning cream. I do like having a bit of colour as I still think it looks healthier but I have long since stopped lying in the sun like I used to as a teenager. I now realise that the sun’s rays damage the skin and too much can not only damage the skin but also give you skin cancer. While they have become much better at spotting and removing skin cancer before it kills, it can still be a killer so it it not worth that risk. Sun damage to the skin can also prematurely age you and heaven knows I don’t need that as my skin seems to be doing a pretty good ageing job by itself.

So if I don’t want to damage my skin by lying out in the sun yet want to look a bit healthy and bronzed I resort to a variety of tanning creams. I have had mixed results with these. I have also tried a spray tan in a salon a couple of times which was good but lasted no longer than the self application with the creams so as they tend to be a bit cheaper than the salon spray tans and I can keep them topped up more easily.


This is not a cheap option as the 150ml tube costs £22. The tube is one of those upside down lid at the bottom tubes in a really shiny copper colour. The front has the product name and some pictures of a coconut, a flower and something yellow , not quite sure what it is. On the back is a full covering of tiny white printing in various languages for those who have 20/20 vision only.

The product itself is a very pale creamy lotion which is pretty thick. Not a butter by a long way but a thickish lotion. It comes out of a fairly large hole which reseals when you shutthe lid over the top.

Buriti tree nuts

Buriti tree nuts

I couldn’t wait to try this out. As with any false tan, before you start make sure you have had a good exfoliation. I then dry myself and pop a little light body lotion on my hands, knees and elbows so that I don’t get a darker ‘tan’ in those places. I always wash my hands really well and give the palms a rub with an exfoliator after I have applied the cream as I don’t want tanned palms.

I squeezed some of this out and applied it smoothly and evenly onto my legs first then I did my arms. I tend to only put false tan creams where I would naturally get tanned when wearing clothes so I don’t put any on my actual torso.

This cream contains something called Erythrulose which is a plant-based bronzing agent made from cane sugar It gives a very gradual and even tan. Also in the cream they have added buriti, safflower, coconut and sunflower oils . The buriti tree is a palm tree and the nut is the richest known source of beta-carotene, a skin antioxidant. This essential oil is great for protecting the skin against sun damage as well from free radicals. The oil is also rich in vitamin E so great for the skin and it is now also thought to be a natural sun block as it absorbs UV rays.

So the cream is silky and has a yummy scent while it moisturises and protest the skin while building the gradual and natural looking tan


Yes it is a lovely moisturising self tanner lotion that smells wonderful. However it is not a cheap option and at £22 I am not sure I will be buying it as there are many cheaper options around. The cheaper options of course are not as ethical and natural but it is a lot to pay. I would recommend it is you can afford it and feel strongly about using natural products.


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