Origins Modern Friction


IMG_8029I was so delighted when our Boots in Derby opened an Origins counter and since then I have bought quite a few of their products.

You may or may not be aware that Origins offer free facials to anyone if you book and this way you get to be pampered, try their products and come away with a few samples. They obviously want you to buy some but I usually either buy one item or make an excuse such as to say’ I will ask for it for my birthday or similar.’ I always come away with a few samples and have a really nice facial, even if it is in the shop.


Origins’ mission is” to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. (They) use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.” They also avoid the use of parabens, dyes and mineral oils in their products. On their website there is a lot of information about how they discover, and source their plant based ingredients and also about their ‘long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it’. They are suitable for vegans and none of their products contain any animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals.file3051236907366


This is a cleanser, not a make up cleanser but more of a gentle exfoliant face wash cleanser .The idea is that you use this on your face two or three times a week. Origins call this ‘Nature’s microdermabrasion’. They say “ Origins tested Modern Friction™ on a panel of 54 women. After just one try, of those who had undergone clinical micro-dermabrasion, 94% said they would now consider using Modern Friction instead.”


This product comes in a plastic upside down tube so that it stands on its lid and the product is down where the opening is. The plastic tube is recyclable and it also means that it is easy to get all the product out so there is no waste.

The idea is that you squeeze a little of the cream out and gently massage this onto your face in circular motions. Once you have given your face a gentle massage with it dry then add a little ater and continue to massage with the lather created. The scent that comes off is really lovely and fresh and it feels great on your skin too. After massaging then gently rinse off, dry, tone, miositurise as normal and enjoy how soft and freshened your skin feels.


This cream has tiny bits of skin-refining rice starch mixed with lemon oil, aloe vera,while bergamot and peppermint give a bit of extra scent and zing. The ground rice is the gentle exfoliant which helps to stimulate the skin and remove dead skin cells. The lemon oil helps to start the brightening of the skin. The aloe vera is to keep the skin calm and moisturised.

Because of the gentle calming aloe vera there is usually no unpleasant reaction to the exfolaition action.

Origins claim:” The before-and-afters are amazing. Signs of fine lines and size of pores appear to shrink in size. Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous. “


I use this quite regularly and do really love the smell of this as I am using it, really fresh and awakening. I like the way it is gentle but effective at exfoliating my face skin. It is gentle so my skin doesn’t feel as though I am scrubbing it with sandpaper. It lathers well and at this stage the scent becomes really quite strong and the massaging action easier and I can feel the slight tingle on my skin.IMG_8031

Once I have rinsed it off and dried my skin, I tone it with my Lush toner, moisturise and then feel how nice and soft my skin feels. It also looks much brighter and enlivened. I can’t say the fine lines have disappeared but if I keep using it they might gradually keep getting less visible or at least not get any deeper. It also makes my skin look fresher and less dull which is s big positive for me.

You can buy this from origins counters in a number of shops or on line or from Amazon but beware as Amazon can sometimes cost more and Origins offer extra bonuses when buying from them. This is not a cheap option as 125 ml costs about £30 but I found that a little goes a long way and you do only use it two or three times a week.


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    • If you have an origins counter near you and I think there is one in Oxford in one of the big Department stores. they will give you a FREE facial if you go and ask – sometimes you have to book them. Then they will give you samples of things to try. Or just ask the lady there if you can have a sample – you have to be a bit cheeky but they will do it

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