Green And Spring ‘Indulgent’ Exfoliating Body Balm



IMG_8004This is a luxury product from a company that believes in using natural ingredients and no nasty parabens or harsh chemical ingredients. What is more they are British so all good as far as I am concerned as I do like to support home grown companies when I can. All their herb and flower extracts and base products are sourced from the UK while some of the essential oils are ethically sourced from around the world.


The name was inspired as it ‘ illustrates the colour and life force of the British countryside’ The “Green” reflects our philosophy of using natural ingredients, and “Spring” refers to our use of Cowley Manor’s own spring water which bubbles up within its grounds. ‘

They use different British birds on their products. Each different colour bird represents a different element of a product such as relaxing, invigorating etc. and the different types of bird are found on different types of product such as bath gels. Body lotions etc.


IMG_8010My balm comes in the screw lidded pot with a burgundy coloured bird on it as mine is the ‘Indulging’ scent. I am not great at birds so I can’t tell you which it is I am afraid.

The packaging is all UK sourced and completely recyclable too. You could recycle the screw top pot for use at home with home made bath products or just recycle it through your plastics recycling scheme.

I like the fact it has a good screw top lid as it is easy to open and remains clean and no water can get in when stored near the bath.

IMG_8005All Green & Spring products are free from parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGS, glycols, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances. They do not test on animals not are any ingredients tested on animals. The products all contain 100% natural botanical materials.

The essential oils provide not only the scent but also as essential oils are holistic they affect the mind, body and spirit and promote a greater sense of well-being, relaxation or indulgence.


As I said mine is ‘indulgent’ and so has scents of sensual jasmine, lavender, rose as well as the comforting and restful properties of elderflower and red clover. I can also smell vetivert which I love and they have added chamomile to calm both the mind and  rosehip as an antioxidant, protects the skin.

The scrubby element of this is fine sugar granules which you can feel but they are not so large as to be uncomfortable and scratchy as some can be. It feels like it is doing something but does not leave red marks like I have had from some. The sugar also dissolves in water so you are not left with bits in the shower or bath to rinse away.IMG_8003

The beeswax, sunflower oil, coconut oil and shea butter all combine to to leave your skin well moisturised and smelling absolutely lovely.

I use this when I am having a lovely long indulgent soak in the bath. I do find the bath needs a good wash afterwards because of all the oils but it smell really great and my body feels smooth and lovely.

IMG_8008I also use this when washing my hands during the day as it really keeps them free from dead skin and feeling nice and smooth. It is great after doing house work or gardening as it gets all the grim and stuff off your hands and leaves them clean, feeling soft and well moisturised too.


It is a lovely product to use and makes my skin feel soft and well looked after. I love using it on my hands and do this at least once a day and it has made them look much better, less aged and wrinkly and dry.

It does leave a film of grease in the bath and basin and I do ensure I not only wash them properly but I also use a drain unblocker from time to time to make sure they are not getting clogged with grease. All the oils are biodegradable but I do it every three months or so just to make sure.

Another potential minus is that the pot of 185ml costs a whopping £28 which might put a few people off. You can buy some of their products from Amazon which is good if, like me, you earn Amazon vouchers from survey and reviewing sites and then you can treat yourself to things like this as it isn’t ‘real’ money!IMG_8009


I think this has to be one of the nicest moisturising body scrubs that I have ever used. It smells lovely, nutty shea butter dominates the scent but that suits me as I love it. I liked that the scrubby element was not harsh and unpleasant but rather quite gentle but also at the same time very effective. I love the fact that the company is British and their ingredients are all natural with no nasty parabens or SLS. I really hope that I can afford to treat myself to more of this when it has all been used.



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