Beyond Organic Skincare – Rejuvenating Serum

beyond organics serum

Beyond Organics Rejuvenating Serum

I recently discovered this company and this is the second of their products that I have been using for some weeks now. I read about the company on line and discovered that Jamie Lee Grace from the Steve Wright show on radio 2 was a huge fan of their products.


Beyond organics is a British company based in Cornwall. They pride themselves in creating ethical organic products for the skin. The company began in 2005 and has grown rapidly since. The company has won a number of awards for they products and they proudly state:

Our quest is, and always will be, to bring you the purest, kindest, most ethical and effective range possible.”


Beyond Organics guarantee that all the products they create are:

Certified Organic with the BDAA (Biodynamic Agricultural Association) who actually pre-date the organic movement by many years and take a holistic approach to organic farming.
Certified organic with NATRUE as well.
100% Natural
Fair Trade
NOT tested on animals (neither are our ingredients)
Suitable for Vegetarians
Have a Low Carbon Footprint
and use Recycled and recyclable packaging.


The ingredients that the company uses are all organic and they use Seabuckthorn in all their products as their signature ingredient, the ingredients are all high in Omegas 3,6,7 & 9, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants and over 190 other biologically active compounds.

Their products have been proven to work in clinical trials and have ingredients which are not only great for regenerating skin cells but also increase moisture in the skin while assisting with any healing too.


Beyond Organics Rejuvenating Serum

Beyond Organics Rejuvenating Serum

The concentrated Serum has been created to balance face oil and so it is good for all face skin types not only dry but also oily and combination skin too. They say it is also good for an after shaving oil but at the price it is there is no way I putting it on my legs and I don’t shave my face.

The serum not only has seabuckthorn in it but it also has Rosehip which helps to fight wrinkles as it naturally has high levels of Retinol (Vitamin A) which is proudly proclaimed on most anti ageing cream now because of its anti-ageing properties. The ‘signature’ Seabuckthorn oil helps to soften, restore, protect and penetrate deeply into the skin to work its wonders.

The little bottle contains an oil which has a high concentration of these hard working plants and omegas. It is a very concentrated product and a little goes a long way I have discovered.

I wash and cleanse my face as usual then spray on my toner from Lush and while this is still wet I apply a little of this oil or serum. Because my face is still damp the oil spreads easily and I use even less . This was a hint I was told in Lush for all moisturising products as it traps the moisture and enables you to use less of the expensive moisturisers.

IMG_7999I use this night and morning and after allowing this to sink in I apply whatever moisturiser I want on top. You can simply use this if you choose.

You can use this all over you face and down onto your neck. I always apply whatever cream or moisturiser to my neck and I am lucky enough to have few lines and wrinkles on my neck.

Beyond Organics claim that this serum makes the skin look more radiant. I can’t say I noticed the radiance but my face skin does feel nice and soft and the lines and wrinkles are certainly less obvious .

Despite the fact this is such a highly concentrated product I have had no allergic reaction from using this and often I do have a redness if things are too concentrated.

I have found this excellent stuff and I love the smell of it too.

A lovely rejuvenating and rehydrating facial oil – Light and non-greasy-” Janey Lee Grace; Platinum award winning Serum!


Beyond Organics

Beyond Organics

Thanks Beyond Organic Skincare for the chance to try this fabulous product I will be buying this again.

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