Beyond Organic Skincare – Organic Firming Eye Cream

Beyond Organics

Beyond Organics

All their products are guaranteed to be:

Certified Organic with the BDAA (Biodynamic Agricultural Association) who actually pre-date the organic movement by many years and take a holistic approach to organic farming.
Certified organic with NATRUE as well.
100% Natural
Fair Trade
NOT tested on animals (neither are our ingredients)
Suitable for Vegetarians
Low Carbon Footprint
Use Recycled and recyclable packaging.


Their products have been proven to work in clinical trials. They have ingredients which are great for regenerating skin cells and also increasing moisture in the skin and helping with any healing too.


Beyond Organic Firming Eye Cream

Beyond Organic Firming Eye Cream

This cream is gentle and soft to moisturise this very tender part of your face. In fact they say that the skin around your eyes is 4x thinner than anywhere else on your face so needs extra gentle treatment to keep it looking young.

I love the fact that this is so soft and spreads easily so that you only need a small amount. It smells slightly fresh and herb like, not strong but pleasant and refreshing.

When I apply it I find it feels cool and soft. My skin immediately feels uplifted and tighter but not in a tight unpleasant way, just fresh and firmer. I love the way it refreshes and firms my under eye skin.

This little pot of cream contains Eyebright which I had not heard of before but seems to be in a few Organic eye products and it helps to reduce puffiness and also soothes the skin . This is great when your eyes are feeling tired after being in the sun or using a computer I have found.

Rosehip in this cream is a natural ingredient which has been proven to help fight any new lines and wrinkles.

Rose water gently tones the delicate skin in this area.


Beyond Organic Firming Eye Cream

Beyond Organic Firming Eye Cream

You can use this night and morning and indeed if you are feeling tired and drawn then gently pat a little around your eye and you will find it feels much more refreshing and lifts your whole face I find. It really perks me up.


Yes indeed. I have used and really liked origins ‘Ginzing’ but this I feel is one better. I love the gentle refreshing scent and the way it feels when I pat it on. It has made my skin under my eyes feel much tighter and they look better too I feel. The lines look less prominent and they are less ‘baggy’, not that I had huge problems with bagginess but I just feel my eyes look better.

Beyond Organics Firming Eye Cream

Beyond Organics Firming Eye Cream

If you’re interested in their products, you can order from their website at



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