Body Shop DeoDry Chilled and Breezy – Roll on



I most people have heard of Anita Ruddick’s Body Shop. Sadly she sold her business and has since died. To an extent her original dream of the Body Shop selling products that are cruelty free and supporting of Fair Trade and Community projects still lives on.

I was very attracted to some of the products in the shop that were buy one get one free and this deodorant was one of these.

I always buy deodorants that are aluminium free as there is some fear that this may be linked to breast cancer and I feel if I can avoid tempting fate then I will. I have been using a varied selection over the years from Pitrock (the deodorant rock) through to Lush block deodorants and also Schmidt’s cream deodorants that I have bought from the USA. I thought at this price I would try Body Shop’s ones.

These usually sell for £2.50. There are three different scents to chose from; ‘Cool and Zesty’ which comes with a lime green lid, ‘Chilled and Breezy’ with a blue lid and finally, ‘Fresh and Floral’ with a pink one. Each of the scent options comes either in a roll on or a stick option and my choice was the roll on. The roll ons also have the option to buy refills which are 50p cheaper than the full roll on kit .


This ‘ Chilled and Breezy’ The smell of this deodorant is quite pleasant, kind of sea breeze, cotton fresh or clean linen kind of scent. I found it pleasant enough but not wonderful. The ingredients state that this has volcanic minerals and essential oils. I think this has a hint of rosemary but nothing much else really stands out. The scent is subtler that the ‘Cool and Zesty’ one and I also found this less effective as a deodorant as well.

It smells quite pleasant but I find that as a deodorant it is less effective that the other one I tried. It would certainly require a re application during the day to keep my arm pits smelling fresh. I was rather disappointed with this one and would not buy it again.

On the plus side there were no stains or marks on my clothes under my armpits . Also a positive is the fact that I was able to use this deodorant straight after shaving my armpits and it didn’t sting at all . Another positive is that I had no reaction or allergy from using it either.

This is a deodorant not an antiperspirant but I did expect it to keep me from having smelly armpits.

The difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant is that a deodorant will help mask or kill odours caused by perspiration whereas, antiperspirants control or stop perspiration by using ingredients such as aluminium salts.
This product is a deodorant but not the best I have used as I found it was not that effective and I have found other better products that I will buy in future.

Bomb Cosmetics Chilla Vanilla Shower Wash



Chilla Vanilla


This one of my empties that I have finally finished and I can’t say I am sorry.

This is a kind of moisturising soap that is vanilla scented. It is kind of similar in texture to some of Lush’s soft soap butter body washes like Lemslip which are very soft soaps or more solid shower washes.

Bomb Cosmetics, the company that makes it is a fabulously ethical company. I love the fact that they  add no parabens and use natural ingredients in any of their products at all.

They create the most beautiful bath products that are so pretty and look good enough to eat

Sadly although this appealed to me because of its name and the fact that it looked like an ice cream this is not a good one.

I am not keen on their bath bombs as despite being really pretty they lack scent when in the bath.

This product, Chilla vanilla  sadly smells vile to me  . The vanilla is sickly and smells like rancid butter and certainly not something I would want to smell of.

I did use it up as I hate waste but I really had to make myself use it. It didn’t work as a bubble bath as there were too many moisturising ingredients.

This comes in a pot a bit like a Hargen Das ice cream tub but there the similarities end.

They made a raspberry version too but after this fail I think i won’t bother trying that scent.

The products of their’s that I like most are their bath melts and creamers. They are so pretty, smell good and make a love;y moisturising bath.

Thanks Bomb Cosmetics I will not be buying this again.

Weleda Millet Nourishing Natural Shampoo




Weleda millet nourishing shampoo

Weleda is a company I have come to hold in high regard in the last couple of years. They make products absolutely guaranteed to be 100% natural with no preservatives like parabens or artificial colours and scents.

They are fully committed to balancing their impact on the earth and use fair trade, organic and carefully cultivated plant products in all their products. They only animal products are from bees and that is honey. They do not harm any animals in any of their manufacturing. They also have great staff who are loyal to the company so they must treat them well too.


Weleda Garden at Ilkeston

I was fortunate and was invited to one of their well being days. We were taken around the gardens in Ilkeston in Derbyshire. We we got to try our hand and making the base for calendula products by mashing the calendula and adding plant alcohol which they then let steep to absorb all the benefits before straining and using it in the calendula products.

In the afternoon we got to try out so many lovely products before we were given a goodie bag to take home,

One of my favourite products from Weleda are their shampoos. I have now tried them all in the new range and like them all. They have a wheat one, an oat one and this millet one and they are all 100% natural and lovely fresh natural scent which is quite subtle but very pleasant.


This is suitable for anyone to use as it is very gentle on your hair and is vegan friendly too. This Millet shampoo is their Nourishing Shampoo. The Oat one is the Replenishing one while the Wheat is the Balancing one. I like them all but I think the Millet one is the best for my quite dry hair.

This lovely nourishing shampoo has organic macadamia nut oil and extracts of organic millet husks and sage included in the ingredients and these all provide gentle cleansing whilst also nourishing the hair so that it keeps its natural suppleness.


I find this shampoo doesn’t instantly lather like some but it lathers enough to wash my hair and I don’t use any more than with any other shampoo. My hair feels clean and it does not feel heavy or weighed down. I use the Weleda conditioner after and my hair really does feel softer and lighter than with many other more popular brands of shampoo.

I love the way it feels light and soft and yet also has a nice shine as well. If I wash my hair with this I don’t need to wash it again for a couple of days as it doesn’t feel heavy and greasy and keeps quite nice and soft. Because my hair is thick and quite course I wash my hair when I feel it needs it. I don’t like it feeling heavy, it never looks greasy but is just stiffer and heavier. This shampoo allows me an extra day of no heavy feeling.

It is not the kind of scent that people will be bowled over with once you have dried your hair but if you smell some one’s head when they have used this you can detect the scent just.


You can buy this from Weleda on line of Naturisimo and sometimes the latter is cheaper. I have also found some on Ebay for less too. The recommended retail price is £8.95 and for that you get a recycleable squeezy bottle of 190 ml of product. I am not sure why it is 190 ml and not 200 ml as that is an odd amount I think.

I find that my bottle using it daily will last me about a month but my daughter who has longer thicker hair might only get a couple of weeks of washes from this. I find it hard to judge as I use different shampoos and don’t always use the same one for a set time period.


Yes I would always choose this over most branded shampoos as it is fully 100% natural with no animal ingredients , not tested on animals and not harmful to the environment. It is also a darned good shampoo which leaves my hair feeling clean and light and fresh for longer.

A few more empties – good or bad?

A few more empties – good or bad?


As you can see I have finished quite a few products recently and want to share which I liked and which I was happy to finish.


Firstly I was very sad to have finished two of my Lush spray perfumes. One was Imogen rose and the other was Smell of freedom. These were two of my favourites which is possibly why they got finished first of those I have. the other little pot is a sample of Lush Enchanted Eye cream which is a lovely gentle eye cream that feels cool and nice on the skin around my eyes.




Next comes a few of my lovely Weleda samples . These include two Birch celleulite massage oils and a wheat shampoo. The massage oil I have already purchased in the full sized version and the shampoo I would happily buy again once I have used all my stash up as it leaves my hair feeling lovely and clean and smells great.


Weleda samples


Next we have some Body Shop empties. First the White Musk Body lotion which I have been buying for about twenty years as I still like the smell. The Vitamin E serum I liked a lot and did actually go and buy some when Body Shop had a sale. The BB cream I also liked as it colour matched my skin and felt nice and light when applied but I have too many BB and CC creams and foundations just at present that I need to use up first.


Body Shop empties


The Nip and Fab mango body butter was a bargain that I paid £1.50 for that retails at around £10. At £1.50 i have bought three pots and some of the pistachio and the cocoa butter one too but at £10 I would not buy them. they are nice quality Body Butters similar to body Shop but not worth £10. I will stock up in my bargain shop at this price though.


The Body lotion was Mineral Spa one from a hotel and it was okay but not one I would look to buy anywhere.



Nip & Fab mango body butter


The Provoke Touch of Silver shampoo and the Charles Worthington volume shampoo. the Touch of Silver one was a purple shampoo that they suggest using to keep that gold hint from blonde hair. it was okay but I prefer Lush’s  Daddy Oh and will buy that in future as it smells divine.

The Charles Worthington shampoo smelled lovely and washed my hair nicely but as my hair is already really thick I passed the rest on to my step daughter who has thinning hair because of a thyroid problem.



Next we come to bath products. The palmolive ayurituel shower gel smelled gorgeous and I would be happy to buy that again.

The Himalayan bath salts came in a beauty box and I was very underwhelmed . They smelled lovely in the pack but once in the bath there was no scent at all.

Bath products

I managed to finish a lot this last week or so . many of the products I have had for some time so I guess it was their time to end. Some i will buy again and some I won’t be.


My Rather belated June Birchbox

My Rather belated June Birchbox

June BirchBox unpacked


This Birchbox was created for a holiday feel and also to celebrate the World Cup Football in Brazil at the time.

The box was not the usual brown box but was very pretty . I still have this one on my dressing table. the inner bag was also in Brazil’s colours and not the usual cream coloured draw string bag.


The first thing I found was the Brazil coloured flip flop or thong ( for those from Australia) key ring. I put this on my key ring and it gets lots of interest from my grandchildren.

My Birchbox flip flop key ring


What did I dig out next?  This cute little lip and cheek tint from ‘How ‘Bout them Apples’. I have had one of these before and in the same colour which was a shame as a different colour would have been nice. I carry the first one in my hand bag as it is a great moisturising lip tint and such a cut neat package too.


How ‘Bout Them Apples’ lip and cheek tint


The next item I really love. It is a body lotion from Korres. I have had one of their lip balms before but this is the first of their body lotions .It had a lovely natural lemon citrus aroma and left my skin feeling well moisturised and smelling great.


Korres Citrus Body milk


The Caudalie broad spectrum SPF day moisturising cream was next to come out. I do quite like Caudalie products but would never buy them as they are so expensive and not any better than other more honest brands. Caudalie claim that they do not test on animals yet they are selling their products in China and hence they are tested on animals before sale there. that is dishonest in my view.


Caudalie day moituriser with SPF


The make up foundation applicator sponge was next and so far I have not tried that as I usually use my fingers to apply my moisturizer and foundation products. I must give it a try. Personally i would have preferred another product rather than this.


Applicator sponge

Finally I love the Opi nail varnish and have used it several times already. It is good quality and gives a finish that lasts a few days before looking like it needs doing again. I love the colour and find that I like it best on my toes and there it lasts for a couple of weeks.


My green Opi nail varnish

So there you have my June Birch box and I will try and get a move on with some more posts as i am so far behind.

Recent Empties – which are worth buying again?



This lot of empties have some products I have had for some time.



I’ll start with the tub of Nip & Fab Pistachio Sundae. This smelled like a pistachio ice cream and was a lovely body butter. I got it for £1.50 so splashed it on quite generously. I should cost nearly £10 and there is no way I would pay that as it is not that special. I would buy it again at £1.50 .

Nip & Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

Next is the lovely Dune Body Lotion that was a gift from my sister. It was really lovely and smelled divine but it is expensive so I would not buy it myself but would be thrilled to get it as a gift again. Mine was in a smaller tube but same stuff and gorgeous.


Dune Body Lotion

Body Shop Chocomania shower gel. This again, i got on sale and it was okay. It did smell a little of chocolate but it is not one I would buy again as I prefer other scents and the Original Source choc shower gel is nicer and cheaper than this.

Chocomania Shower gel

The Cocoa Butter natural Bronze Body lotion is very good value and a gradual tan lotion.I like gradual tan lotions as any errors are not as obvious and I like to look tanned but don’rt want to damage my skin by lying in the sun.

Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze


The Avon Planet Spa shower scrub smells lovely sort of Asian chocolate hard to explain but I have had this before and it is one of my favourites from Avon. A gentle lovely smelling shower gel with scrubby bits in it.


Avon Planet Spa

The sample of Body Shop seaweed serum was quite good but I bought the Vitamin E one I tried at the same time instead.


Seaweed Night Treatment

The Mason and Miller shower gel came from a hotel and I can’t say it was that exciting.


Mason & Miller Shower gel

The Lush Big conditioner is a solid conditioner sold by weight and it smells lovely, sort of vanilla and is very handy to take traveling because it is solid and does a good conditioning job.

BIG Conditioner from Lush

The Lush African Paradise is a wash in Body conditioner a bit like their Ro’s Argan. I tend not to wash mine off as I love the smell sort of mango but not too fruity and quite yummy. It isn’t cheap bt it is very luxurious.

So there you have a few more things I have just finished . Some a bit more exciting than others. Some I would buy again and others I won’t bother with.



Origins No Puffery



Origins Trademark

ORIGINS – No Puffery Eye mask

In my effort to find products that are more natural and free of parabens I have been trying a few different companies. Burt’s Bees is one such company and while I like some of their products I have found others to be very expensive and not that great either. Another company I found that creates products using more natural ingredients is Origins. I had heard about them before but it is only in the last two years that they have had a counter in our Boots in Derby so I was able to try their stuff.

No Puffery


I have also discovered that you can book free facials with them and they use their products on you and then obviously hope you will buy them but they do also give you samples too. I bought this and got several small samples as well.

Origins is another US company but is now a world wide concern. They proudly claim that their products are ;

“ Formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil,  PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients.”

Origins also state that they test their products on volunteer panels, presumably human as I can’t see other animals volunteering!


Basically this is a cooling eyes mask for tired and puffy eyes. My  eyes are not puffy but they do get sore and very tired so I thought this might help. I apply thus when I am giving the rest o my face a face mask so look a true sight for sore eyes lying in the bath. Sometimes I even have a hair mask on too. I tend to do this on the days my husband plays golf as he leaves early in the morning and I won’t be disturbed.


The way this works is that the plant based ingredients in the reasonably thick gel looking stuff help to calm the skin around your eyes and reduce the redness that you get from overtired eyes.

I keep mine in the bathroom and it is nice and cool when I apply it but in the summer I am going to experiment with keeping it in the fridge for the extra coolness on initial application.

The product has been Dermatologist and Ophthalmologically tested and so far after a month os using this I have had no irritation issues.


It has recently won the ‘In Style’ “best Beauty Buys’ award for 2013 so has obviously been tried by a few experts as well .



It costs £21.00 for the 1.0 fl. oz. /30 ml   from origins and about that from  Boots too but if you buy it using your hard earned Amazon vouchers you will pay more at £28.00


You really only need a very small amount and I put it on my eye lids and swipe a little just under my bottom eye lid too. Once in the bath I then lay two wet cotton pads over my eyes or you could use a wet flannel or something posh like an eye mask too. I use the cotton pads as I usually also have on a face mask.


After lying back and chilling for about 5 or 10 minutes I then rinse the whole lot off in my bath water as I find that easiest and it gets it all off without have to rub at all or pull my skin.


After rinsing it all off eye ‘No puffery’  and face mask  I make sure I tone my skin, then apply Origins Ginzing to my eyes and moisturizer to my face then I am set for the day.

The area around my eyes looks firmer and feels tighter generally. I also find that if I put a little of this under my moisturizer and make up and find that it also works in this way too. It continues to give the tightening action and doesn’t peel off or clump at all which some eye products do.

It does say you can use it both ways on the website and the instructions are fairly limited:

“As needed, apply generously to under eye area. Chill out for 5-10 minutes. Tissue off. Or for an all-day treatment, apply sparingly and leave on. Follow with your favorite Origins eye cream.”

Not my eye sadly



Yes I would say it has helped tighten up my under eye area and even on top where my lids are a bit saggy they seem to be a bit less droopy which be a good thing in my view.

It isn’t cheap initially but it lasts ages as you need the tiniest bit. It is a sort of runny gel and spreads a long way so I can’t see me needing to buy it again for at least a year!